Thursday, April 21, 2011


We, each and every one of us, with whatever education we have and with the exposure we have on life outside, are very good in conceptualising anything and everything. Just the subject of concept may differ depends on outward exposure we have, but the process of conceptualisation remains same for everyone. Take any subject in earth – we have our own concept. The real irony is that if we do not have our concepts, we will be labelled as a person without substance and we ourselves believe that.

Concept, with respect to this page, is wrapping of any subject with words - the words are due to our thought process involving logic, belief, or previous knowledge about that subject. Once the concept is ready, we are convinced that we know the subject completely and we are ready to propagate that concept, if there are any listeners to us. Even if we do not have any listeners we never stop from creating/developing concepts – we just stuff that concept into our head and rejoice ourselves that we are knowledgeable. The feeling of satisfaction with concepts drives us to conceptualise anything and everything we encounter. Now it has become the way of functioning of our mind.

Anyone wish to advance in spiritual path, the process of conceptualisation is hindrance to the spiritual progress. The beauty of spiritual path is that we may have to go through numerous steps, but each step is useless after crossing that step. Instead, if we are still attached to that step there may not be any more progress in the path. Concepts may also be a stepping stone for spirituality, probably at very beginning of spiritual journey. It may be required until the time we make a start in the path. Concepts may give sufficient escape velocity to move into the path of spirituality. Once we attain required escape velocity, the concepts and process of conceptualisation must be left behind. If not, the very purpose of following the path of spirituality is defeated.

The path of spirituality is for attaining a state of mind where the highest possibility of human mind may occur within that mind. It is very clear that the brain is manifested as our mind. Hence the highest possibility of mind must be the highest capability of our own brain. We know that less than 10% of the brain capability is used even by the most intelligent person in the world with respect to materialistic life. It does not mean the remaining 90% of the brain is not functioning at all. It must be functioning, but its manifestation as mind might not be at our conscious level. It must be functioning at subconscious and unconscious level so that the brain as a unit is alive all the time. Probably allowing the brain to manifest entirely at our conscious level may be its highest possibility. In other words, integrating conscious, subconscious, unconscious and any other layer of our mind into a single conscious layer may be the higher possibility of a human mind. Spiritual path may be to reach such a level.

Conceptualisation is a function of our mind. Concepts are put together by thought process. Depend on person, who is conceptualising, the concept might be dominant with logic or belief or association of certain meaningless words. Probably for a person in spiritual path, concepts might be dominant with either logic or belief depends on the path chosen by that person. In either case, it occupies the mind and tends to correlate every aspect of life and living, and hence the complete mind is occupied with these mental activities arising out of concepts. When the mind is occupied with anything, reaching the highest possibility of that mind is very limited. Of course, the mind has to be occupied to live our daily life. The requirement for a daily life can be achieved with a small fraction of time available to us with respect to mental activities. The remaining time, the mind may have to be free from everything, even from the thought of freeing the mind, to achieve its highest possibility. In other words, the more we free ourselves from concepts and conceptualisation, the more freedom to mind and hence the possibility of achieving highest possibility of mind may be a reality.

The process of conceptualisation is wrapping of any subject with words, which sounds logical by the meaning of those words. No concept about any immeasurable subject can be covered by mere logic. Hence assumptions based on extension of those logic and beliefs will be used to compete those concepts. Beliefs are due to our culture, society, education, ignorance, false constructs, beliefs handed over by ancestors either by words or genetically, etc. These assumptions are mere assumptions and there is no reality with them. They never had been our perceptions. We tend to take some of those assumptions as our perception due to our own ignorance breaded by fear or other reasons.

Living the entire life over these concepts, take away the reality from us. If we have certain concept, we tend to look into any relevant subject with the eye of that concept only. Such a looking takes away the humbleness from us which is the basic requirement for learning. In other words, looking into any subject through some pre conceived idea takes away the process of learning and hence knowledge from us. If there is no learning, truth can never be tasted – truth of any subject!

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