Friday, September 3, 2010

Searching Unknown

‘Searching of unknown’ is a basic instinct of human species. It may be an instinct unique to the human species. This searching is due to the ‘I’ consciousness of human being. Other animals may not be having this ‘I’ consciousness and hence ‘searching of unknown’ is not needed or supported for them. What the animals care about is their basic survival instincts which are built into their brain. They have the survival instincts. We, human being have the ego built into our brain in addition to the survival instincts when we born. Hence, we have the instinct of ‘Searching of unknown’ with in our brain. Every one of us has this instinct. The only difference between each one of us is that the ‘unknown’ varies from person to person and it may be varying from moment to moment for each one of us.

This instinct must be the reason for all the developments in our societies; positive as well as negative developments – be it development in technological field or medical field or philosophical field or religious field or crime or destruction of cultures ………. For each of these developments – positive or negative, there must be a mind or a group of minds with common ‘unknown’.

At lowest level, gossiping is one of the outcomes of ‘Searching of unknown’, almost every one of us are indulged into it. Basically gossiping is not our nature, but ‘Searching of unknown’ is our nature. For this we declare the activities of another person as ‘unknown’ and gossiping is the result of this search. The gossip is always the images in the mind of those involved in this activity about the subject of gossip.

At material level, the ‘searching of unknown’ results in technological development. Here also the technological development is based on the images in the mind of those involved in this activity about the subject. Unlike the psychological and philosophical ‘unknown’, here we have definite measurement techniques and hence results in to a product for which the usefulness can be measured, and hence pursue or discard that ‘unknown’.

For some body, the unknown may be ‘God’. For their search on ‘Unknown’, if they are serious definitely they will find the ‘God’ – the ‘God’ they find is also based on the images they have about ‘God’ within their mind (it is not the real God!!??). Unfortunately many of us are unable to focus our searching of unknown towards such abstract ‘unknowns’ and keep our ‘unknown’ as very simple so that we spent all our life in gossiping and similar activities. Whenever our instinct set our ‘Unknown’ towards more abstract things like ‘God’, we enter into some belief systems and declare the ‘unknown’ at abstract level is known or understood, and revert back to our simple and easy ‘unknowns’.

Every one of us is searching for the ‘unknown’ – only the ‘unknown’ is different for each one of us. If we go further, each and every one of our actions are towards this searching of ‘unknown’ or the basic reason behind all our activities are this searching of ‘unknown’. For every one of us, wealth is one ‘Unknown’, in the sense that we do not know how much wealth we need – mainly because we do not know where to use our wealth and hence always have a feeling of financial insecurity, irrespective of the amount of wealth we have. Status is another ‘unknown’ for us. We do not know, why do we need social status and why do we need to maintain our social status. The major part of our activities in life is towards earning wealth and status. When we understand and know the utility of wealth, probably we may stop our activities towards earning more wealth than its real requirement and may start living our life in its real sense. If we understand and know status is an imaginary attribute, which does not affect our life in any way by itself, we will never spend all our energy to earn and maintain status – instead we may spend all that energy towards living, in its real sense.

The searching of ‘unknown’ may go into abstract level when the depth of our consciousness increases. As long as our consciousness is thin, our ‘unknown’ is on the surface of our mind which is the likes of information about neighbours, celebrities, other persons, etc. As the depth of consciousness increases, the ‘unknown’ will become more abstract. If we happen to have such abstract ‘unknowns’ and not allowing our consciousness to expand, we may enter into belief systems or cults or followers of certain Guru and so on. Unfortunately many with little bit enhanced consciousness stops allowing their consciousness to expand due to many reasons. Psychological bondage must be the root of all such reasons, like bonded with knowledge and due to that bondage the consciousness stops from expanding. In such cases, even though the ‘unknown’ is an abstract one, it remains as unknown for ever or it is covered up by some belief.

What is the purpose of such expanded consciousness? This question is exactly same as asking what is the purpose of knowledge. The knowledge, in the sense we use the term generally, is required to understand outside world and hence adjust our life moving smooth outwardly. Even though our life is comfortable and expanding outwardly, we are suffering inwardly for simple matters to serious matters with out exception. The expanding consciousness free us from inner suffering and provide inner comfort for us, exactly the same way as the outwardly knowledge provide outwardly comfort in our life.

When will be the ending of “searching of Unknown”? Probably at the point where our consciousness integrates itself into the sub consciousness and unconsciousness OR when our ego is completely dissolved where “I” centeredness is no more, to declare the ‘unknown’ OR at the point where we are with ‘truth’ OR at the point where we are with ‘God’. May be all these statements represent the same!

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