Thursday, April 29, 2010


For the purpose of arriving the meaning of intelligence, let us use the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’. An artificial intelligence is a logic solver which process multiple, complicated logics and produces an output – a choice less output. From this, we may be able to arrive the definition of intelligence as the capacity of our brain to produce action without choice.

In all aspects, intelligence is one of the assets every one wish to possess and believe having possessed. But the general meaning considered for intelligence is something like capability to choose from the available choices by means of assumptions, imaginations and conclusions arrived out of these two or similar parameters. Due to our urge to possess intelligence, and the meaning we considered for intelligence, we push ourselves to the extent of making choices even in simple activities where choosing is not at all required and then suffer on those choices. We also call the learning of decision making to choose as education. It does not require any intelligence to understand wherever choices are there, suffering is inevitable. On the other hand, we call the learning of how to suffer (in most of the cases) as education! It is a real pity!

Having the capability of unlimited consciousness, human must be the only species in this earth capable of having unlimited intelligence. We must be already having this intelligence. This intelligence within us must be masked by our ego and the qualities supporting and growing the ego. Once we understand what intelligence is and realize that we have this unlimited intelligence, there is a possibility of unmasking our intelligence, in its real sense.

The intelligence may be explained further by the function of brain within the realm of our body. If there is any infection in our body, the brain sends antibodies to required location and stage a war against infection. This is intelligence. There is no choice to choose for the brain, if an infection is detected. The only choice is fight against infection as long as the body has the capacity. None of our education systems provide such intelligence to us. Our education system provides just information. We need to have intelligence to process that information imparted by education. Of course, every one of us has the intelligence, but each one of us unmasked it to different extent.

As long as we are in the realm of duality and hence comparison, intelligence cannot be put in action. The existence of duality within our mind and hence the act of comparison generate thoughts in the psychological domain which support the ego at one side and fragment our mind at the other side. Fragmenting the mind means, it stores the information about any subject where ever the thought goes and put bits and pieces of information into our memory. Thought can go only up to the extent of our knowledge. Thought cannot conceive anything which we did not know. Hence thought cannot capture the complete information about any object/subject. Since the mind has fragmented information about the subject, it uses this information to describe the subject. The mind is nothing but the information processed in our brain. Now the information processed is fragmented information about the subject, our mind itself is fragmented.

With this fragmented mind obviously intelligence cannot act. The brain cannot solve the logic with so many fragments about a subject. In such situation, there are many possible ways of action or choices and hence many possible outcomes.

Intelligence cannot be acquired. It cannot be cultivated. We can only remove the veil wrapping our intelligence. Intelligence can be unwrapped only with knowledge – the knowledge of the veil wrapped around our intelligence. This unwrapping of intelligence makes us completely understand and in synch with the eternal cosmic rules or Dharma, in Buddhist terms. Even without our intelligence functioning, we are forced to obey the cosmic rules, but with the functioning of intelligence, we may be living in synch with cosmic rules and hence with cosmos. On the other hand, we may state that intelligence is being synch with the cosmic rules pertaining to the subject.

All inanimate objects are in synch with the cosmic rules pertaining to those objects. They have no tendency to be away from cosmic rules. This is the case with all animate beings, having up to five senses. As the number of senses increases, their understanding about cosmic rules may also increases and the intelligence pertaining to those beings make them to adjust themselves to be in synch with the cosmic rules. We can very well understand these facts, by giving a little bit attention to the behavior pattern of animals, birds, plants etc.

If we extrapolate that, human with sixth sense must have much higher intelligence and must have the capability to understand and be synch with the cosmic rules of much higher level. But in general, we are much away from this fact. This could be very well due to the limitlessness nature of our sixth sense and hence our inability to handle it. Are we really incapable of handling our senses? It cannot be. The creation must have much higher intelligence and if we are not capable of handling our sixth sense, it must have been limited within of the limit our capability. Being given the sixth sense, definitely we are capable of handling it. If we are unable to handle it and hence suffering then it is our mistake. Due to this mistake and escape from our incapability, we wrapped our intelligence with veils, which we are unable to remove it now and hence suffering.

Unless we live with our intelligence, we are not living the life pertaining to the human species.

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