Thursday, March 25, 2010


We, at least in our current way of living, can do any activity only after our acceptance. Exceptions may be the activities of brain that doesn’t require our thoughts, like breathing. On the other hand, any activities coming out of our thoughts should necessarily have our acceptance – It may be our willful acceptance or forced acceptance. If there is a need for acceptance, obviously there are options to accept and reject. If there are no options available, then the only possibility is getting into action. In such cases, there is no question of acceptance. It is possible to reach such a state only when we are out of the field of thought. Until then, if we say there is no option, it is just an escape from our inaction – the truth is that we accepted the wrong option.
Options are available only when we attach qualities with the subject of identification and then apply comparison into the subjects. As noted in the previous discussion, quality is required for identification and it is basically our knowledge about subject. When we attach ourselves with the qualities we identify or our knowledge, comparison is unavoidable. Comparison differentiates subjects. On the other hand, comparison is a differentiator.

Comparison is inevitable as long as we are bonded with our knowledge about the subject. When we are not sufficiently free from our knowledge, we look into any subject with our bondage with our own knowledge – In such cases, we perceive the subject as a projection of what we already know about that subject. We can never be able to perceive the true nature of that subject. Almost every one of us views the subject with our own bondage with our own knowledge. Hence each one of us perceives the subject as extension of our own knowledge – but not the true nature of that subject. Hence argument on any subject is utter childishness and shows off our immaturity. Does it mean, there is no discussion required on any subject? This is not the message conveyed here! Discussion is required to the extent to help all the parties involved to be able to perceive another dimension of the subject. It is possible only when we understand that we are bonded with our knowledge. In such a discussion, there is neither any acceptance nor any rejection. There is only another dimension of understanding!

How to be free from our knowledge? It appears to me that freedom from knowledge is possible only by acquiring knowledge. Freedom from knowledge is possible only with our inquisitiveness. If we never ask the basic questions to ourselves, which can shatter our beliefs, we can never obtain freedom from our own knowledge. The bondage with our knowledge is not just the bondage we ourselves created. It is a bondage created and preserved by our ancestors for so many thousands of years transmitted to us genetically along with the bondage created by our grandparents, parents and we ourselves. Hence it is natural that it needs a great effort from us to break this bondage.

If our ancestors preserved that bondage, why should we break it? Only our understanding and knowledge can answer this question. This is where we need knowledge! We need knowledge to understand the need for attaining freedom from our own knowledge. We can acquire this knowledge only by questioning ourselves. Neither our current education system teaches us such questioning ability nor our environment encourages us to obtain such capability. Hence, it may be a great challenge to acquire such questioning ability. But it is a possibility available to every one of us – It depends on our acceptance of which of the multiple options available to us. It depends on our willingness to transcend the field of acceptance, our willingness to transcend the field of choices, willingness to transcend the field of comparison, willingness transcend the field of our own knowledge. And more importantly, our uncompromised desire to enter into the field of limitless joy.

When we understand very clearly that our acceptance at various levels for various options available to us until now, is the basic reason for what we are now, we will be free from all our qualities - jealous, pride, self-centeredness, anger, desires, etc. We are the qualities we acquired through out our life. When our qualities are dissolved, we ourselves are dissolved. What an easy way to leave the cycle of life! What a series of complications we added into that easy path!

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