Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It is a common notion that in spirituality there is no rationality and spirituality is just a set of beliefs. This is one of the reasons, the persons with capability to look deep inwardly and the persons having the capability to question are shying away from spirituality and looking inwardly. Unfortunately the domain of spirituality is occupied by personalities (the majority) who believe spirituality has foundation on beliefs. And it is unfortunate that the crowd follows such personalities to become more dump and blindfold. Naturally the mass with questioning mind rejects such believers or those propagating the belief systems. Then another group with the name of rationalist, for them the meaning of rationality itself is unknown, evolved and attracted the questioning minds. Here also the questioning minds were mesmerized by the so called rationalists, who are again blind believers – in the sense, a total irrational non-belief. Their job is just convincing the questioning mind against the belief system on the name of rationality. Unfortunately, the already shattered questioning mind failed to recognize the irrationality in the argument of so called rationalities as their ego find security with the so called rationalists. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population falls in to any one of these categories and failed to recognize the rationality in spirituality or irrationality in the argument of so called rationalists.

What is spirituality? Is it some thing like searching a heaven for us? Or is it some thing like getting the grace of some unknown entity? Or is it something like renounce every thing in our lives and search for something which is unknown? Or is it chanting some manthras regularly and performing some rituals on daily basis with extreme belief on something created by their own thoughts? Or is it living the life in hope? Or is it some thing like following certain rules and refuse to see the beauty of existence without any flexibility? Or is it some thing like living in places of worship? Or is it mastering and then just following the religious scriptures?

For me, none of them looks like spirituality. All of them are just entertainment or tools used to forget the severity of life or tools used to escape the challenges of life. Spirituality cannot be all these things. It must be a way of life – way of gracefully living the life. In living, there is no scope for blindness caused by beliefs. In living, each and every thing is based on cause and effect. There cannot be an effect with out a cause and there will not be any cause which is not producing any effect. Hence in spirituality, there is no scope for irrationality. If we are irrational, we cannot be in the path of spirituality. Or if we are irrational, actually we are not living our life. Spirituality is about understanding our life. It is about understanding the existence. It is living our life.

We can live our life only when we understand our life and understand the existence. Then, what we are living now is not a life? It may be a very difficult question to answer. If we are completely happy with our current way of life – whether it is a life with understanding or ignorance, then there is no scope for the above question. We are completely OK with our life and there is not at all a need for looking inwardly or outwardly or anywhere else, other than the current way of life. But in practice we are not OK with our life. We are always complaining for one or the other. If we say, we are perfect and the complaint is due to the problems created by others – It is due to complete ignorance. In such case we are not really living the life gracefully. Here is the need for understanding spirituality and hence understanding our life itself.

If we really live a spiritual life, we have the complete understanding of ourselves and the existence. Once we have that understanding, not belief of any sort, there is any scope for irrationality exists. On the other hand a rational way of living is spiritual living and spiritual living is completely rational.

But the general notion is against what is discussed here. If we go with the conditioning of this general notion we may miss to look into another possible way of living. If we are really rational, we may possibly question this general notion and find our way of living - a better way of living may be possible for us. It is up to us whether we would like to be rational or irrational – Completely gaining freedom from the conditioning by the general notion.

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