Saturday, September 12, 2009

What are we doing in our Life?

Not many of us can give any serious answer to this question, if we ignore premature answers like “I am enjoying in this world” and superficies answers like “I am living my life according to my destiny”. It may be because, we are not yet aware about what is life! Or we are not sensitive to the life process! Or we have not yet given any attention to understand the various forms of life in this earth!

If this question is posed to a common forum, the vast majority will just ignore this question itself, because it is meaningless for the majority. It is meaningless because, we are so busy in securing our ego and growing it, we never thought about such questions. And when our ego is growing and glowing, there is no space within us for such questions and do not feel any necessity for such questions. Our desires to earn more money, better than present status, secure the current social status are few of the factors which fuel our ego to grow on one side and they are the result of our egocentric action on the other side; as a result the ego and the desire ‘to be’ are acting as fuel for each other and hence in an endless spiral, unless we break it consciously. As long as our ego is engaged in growing itself, there will not be any space for such questions within our mind and naturally we will not be asking and enquire such questions. Hence it is meaningless question for us, if it is posed on us, as long as we are unaware of ‘what is life?’

If we do not have any inclination to such questions and finding answers, are we placed better than those who are asking this questions or placed in an inferior position than the so called enlightened beings? It is definitely not on both ways. We are also supporting the life process and evolution process in certain way and hence the purpose of our life is being executed. But we may be missing another way of life, where we are completely in charge of our life process and the evolution process, which may be altogether different experience by itself. In our current way of life, we may be just supporting the evolution process and we ourselves are not evolving; we are just the instrument for the process of evolution and not the process itself – But we are capable of being the process itself, if we are willing to be. How does it matter for us, whether we are supporting the process or being the process? When we are supporting the process as we are doing now, we are always having the urge to grow further, which is manifesting within us in many healthy and unhealthy ways. Once we become the process itself, there may not be this urge to grow further, because we ourselves are the process. If we ever have turned a bit inwardly, we can clearly understand that we never like to be a supportive process, always struggling to become the central process. It is just that!

We are aware that there are countless life forms in this earth. The only difference we are aware about these life forms is the number of senses they have. The difference between human species and other animal species are the so called sixth sense, which is the thought process. It may not be correct, if we say just thought process, but it is extensive thought process. This is because; thought process is the result of memory (and retrieving from memory). Animals are also having memory, hence must have limited thought process also. Due to this limitation, animals do not think about the past and do not perform projection of future from the past. Hence there is no psychological suffering or pleasure for animals. On the other hand animals and all other living beings except human are living their life entirely at the present. To be more specific, except human species all other living beings are living their life completely. The animals must also be having some sort of ego or identity, due to the limited thought process there is no possibility of supporting their ego. We, the human species are either living in the past, meaning suffering or driving pleasure form the thoughts of what was happened in the past or anticipating with fear what will happen in the future, which is the result of projection of what was happened in the past – Hence fails to live in the present and always living in the past. Unfortunately we have become the slaves of our thoughts – which are the result of evolution process supposed to be an instrument for us to evolve further. Due to the bondage of our thoughts, instead of being the process of evolution, we are now forgotten how to live the life itself!

All our problems in this world and all changes we like to have in this world are due to the urge within us and within the society due to the fact that every one of us wants to evolve from supportive process to central process, but without the understanding of what we are! To understand what we are, we must understand the conditioning of our mind by heredity, culture, religion, belief systems and so on. When we understand what we are, the evolution of ourselves from supportive process to central process is natural. Once we are there, we are completely contained with the world as it is and all our actions will be based on the need of ourselves (At that point, the boundary of ourselves may be different from our current perception of ourselves).

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