Saturday, August 8, 2009


The Sensitivity being discussed here is with respect to our ability to perceive reality. The irony is that we have almost lost our sensitivity for almost everything around us. Actually we are capable of being sensitive to everything, as it is our nature. But in our quest for accumulating wealth, power, status, etc. our mind has been blocked from seeing anything else. Even our turning towards so called God is for the sole purpose of securing our life with respect to wealth, fame, power, etc. Unfortunately we are not getting satisfied with the accumulated wealth, power, and status till our end of life, hence there is no time available for something else and hence the possibility of opening up our mind is sealed.

We are aware that our brain is the control center for everything we call us ourselves. To be sensitive on something happening around us, our brain has to have sufficient energy and have to have enough space to perceive it. In other words, our mind should be sufficiently free and having enough intensity to perceive the happening in real time.

All our day to day activities are based on our regular practice of those activities. If we analyze the mechanism of our day-to-day activities, we can clearly understand that we practice the activity, repeat that activity sufficient number of times so that the method or procedure can go deep into our memory. From there we perform the activity unconsciously without any sensitivity to the activity being done. We are sensitive to the activity until the time it goes into our memory or until the time consciously performing the activity. Even though we have the option of performing those activities consciously for ever and hence sensitively for any number of times, we fail to do so due to the preoccupation of our mind with our quest of earning wealth, fame, status, security etc.

There can be two approaches for being sensitive towards happening with in us and around us. If we can create sufficient space within our chattering mind, the mind gets an opportunity for being sensitive towards the happening, to the extent of the space created within the mind. Alternatively, we may put conscious effort to be sensitive to as much as happenings around us, the mind creates enough space within it to be sensitive to our conscious observation. Either the approaches may be equally easy as well as difficult but it is up to us to go for any one of these approaches, or both, depend on our convenient and intensity.

Normally we call a very fragile person as the most sensitive person. But it is not the fact. Such a person is sensitive to selected emotions. The lack of understanding of those emotions creates conflicts with in that person and these conflicts make that person as a fragile one. If that person is really sensitive to happenings with in and around, such person cannot be fragile to emotions due to the fact that the sensitivity to the happenings provides understanding and takes away the conflicts. This is because, such a person’s awareness and intelligence works at its peak due to sensitivity to reality. In other words such a person is very close to reality and hence illusionary emotions cannot carry him away or make him fragile.

Another way to explain the sensitivity being discussed here is that if we are listening music, normally we try to catch the lyric or certain pattern of the notes or beats of the music. Hence we may fail to listen the wholeness of music. When we hear the same music again, we just follow the music from our memory and in this case also fail to listen the wholeness of that music. On the other hand, we never be listen the music. We either try to catch it or follow it. When we do so, our energy is wasted on catching or following and never spent on enjoying the music. The enjoyment, we feel as getting is created by our mind within our mind and hence it is an illusionary enjoyment. (The illusionary enjoyments have side effects of suffering also, which is unavoidable as long as we are with in the bondage of illusions) We never enjoy the depth or wholeness of the music being heard. This is because we fail to be sensitive to the music as a whole and sensitive to only the part which we try to catch up or the part in which we try to follow. Hence the mind has vast unutilized space for other activities and it goes with its preoccupied and unwanted activities like projection, creating more thoughts from memory etc.

In the above example, if we can listen the music as whole with complete sensitivity we can be consider ourselves being in reality. When we are in reality, it will be a complete joy – nothing else can be there between us and the music. When there is nothing else between us and the music being listened, we and the music are same. That may be the wholeness of existence.

If we can extend the same principle of above example to all our day-to-day activities, there may be no space between us and the activity being done, for the whole day… for the whole life. On the other hand we may be one with the existence and with everlasting joy with all our activities. When the joy cannot be separated from us, there cannot be any suffering. When there is no suffering within us, we may never want any changes in happenings around us. We may be completely with whatever happening around us and may be doing whatever required to be done for the best interest of the existence itself. When this happens, what else change we need in the world?

So the key point is the sensitivity for anything and everything happening around us, which opens up our mind for the reality. But unfortunately, we lost our capability of being sensitive to even the critical aspects of our life. Hence if we want to change the world as we like to have, we have to take necessary effort to get back our capability of being sensitive and live with sensitivity. If we are not able to live our life with sensitivity to happening around us, what will be the use of our wealth, fame, status, security, etc. other than having an illusionary state of mind and with the sufferings created by these illusions? On the other hand what is the value of our ego, which is being built on the owning of our wealth, fame, status, security, etc.?

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