Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reluctance to Initiate Change

We clearly understand the need for initiating an inward change to have order in this world and the change has to be initiated from us, by us. On the other hand, we understand that as individuals we need to change within ourselves to change the society as a whole and also we understand that it is our responsibility to change ourselves. Yet we refuse to bring in the basic change within us. Why is this inertia or reluctance for an inward change? Is it possible to initiate the change?

One of the doubts arises before initiating inward change within oneself is that we are living in a society with all the greed, violence, struggle, overpowering and all other ills. If one changes within oneself, will that person compatible for living within such society? Does it required for one to isolate oneself from the society before initiating the change within oneself? If not, will the changed person be washed away by the violent society? If that is the case how can one ever initiate an inward change within one self? These are the basic and valid questions one may have within the mind, who understood the need for an inward change to live a meaningful life in this society. This is a conflict within us. On one hand we understand the need for an inward change and on the other hand we have enormous doubt about the security of our life, if we change inwardly.

Yes, we need to understand this question must get a clear answer and resolve the conflicts around this issue, and then only one can change inwards within ourselves. Otherwise that person will be caught between moral values and conflicts and undergo much more suffering than the present way of life. On seeing this anyone around such person may create negative prejudice about such radical way of thinking and never dare to look for such a beautiful, inwardly free life.

For getting an answer for this question and understand the conflicts aroused around this issue we need to understand what are family, society and world. In the existence, anything and everything is related to many thing else. We are also no exceptions. We have to be related with fellow human beings and many other things in this world. Without this relation, one cannot live or be a part of this existence. Hence the notion that one has to isolate oneself from family and society to bring an inward change itself is an utter illusion. Human beings are often referred as social animal. Yes we are offshoot of animals. Due to our capability of mind we established the setups for our security and these setups get matured and become culture, which is our differentiator from animals. On the other hand to secure our relationship with others, we established the family setup. The family alone is not sufficient. The family has to relate to others for the survival of family itself. To secure the relationship of family with other needs, the social setup is established and a society is there. It can be put in another way- all our family and society are need based. It is for our need to have relationship with others for our survival in this existence. Then we attached some selective emotions with these relationships and these emotions are now inseparable from us and becoming the root cause of most of our problems. The relationships are not our problems, but the lack of understanding of our relations and the undue emotions aroused due to this lack of understanding are the cause of our problems.

To be make it clear, the family, the society, and the world are our relations with fellow human beings and other things in the existence which are required for our life with in this existence. Hence isolation is not a solution for our problems or society’s problems and the inward change being discussed here does not call for isolation from family and society, but make the relationship with family and society as lively one, which will make our life beautiful and joyful.

The inward change discussed all over this discussion indicates the need for an inward change so that there will not be any conflicts with our relationships. It is very clear that the relationship between X and Y will be harmonious if and only if both X and Y clearly understand their relation and the need for their relation. At the same time, it is very much possible if X is concerned about the problems of his/her relationship with Y and solves the problems and has a harmonious life with respect to X’s relationship with Y, even if Y is not bothered about it. When X understands his/her exact relationship with Y, the action of X will not cross the limit demanded by his/her relationship with Y and there will not be any conflicts with in X due to X’s relationship with Y, whatever be the action/reaction of Y over this relationship. Even if Y is not having such understanding and react negatively with X in their relationship, X can harmoniously do what is needed for sustaining the relationship with Y due to the understanding of their relationships and the need for sustaining that relationship. Once X treat his/her relationship with Y with understanding and due dignity, Y has no choice other than reciprocating it, even though there may be some resistance at the beginning. On the other hand, if one change inwardly with respect to the relationship with society, the society will have to reciprocate this change, no other choice is available for the society. To be more precious, the inward change within oneself is the change taking place in the society itself.

This is exactly what will happen, if we bring in necessary inward changes within us. Irrespective of whether our family is bringing in that change within themselves or the society is bringing in the change within itself, if we bring in necessary changes within ourselves, we can live harmoniously with our family and society, by doing what is required for ourselves, our family, the society and the world due to the fact that we understand and know the exact relation we have with our family society and the world and due to the understanding of our need for sustaining that relationship .

When we live harmoniously with the family, society and the world, what else change we expect from the family, society and world?

By the way, what is the inward change we are talking about here? It is nothing complicated. It is about just opening up our mind from all our psychic conditioning due to genetic factors, our beliefs, our education, our ego to get freedom from this entire psychic conditioning and live a complete, fulfilled, Joyful life.

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