Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We have come across the word FREEDOM very often while discussing various topics on our discussion of inner change required for having a world of our choice. Hence this is high time to understand the term Freedom. Please note that the freedom we are talking here is inner freedom – It is a state of mind. We know that our mind is nothing but the functioning of our brain. Hence freedom means a state of functioning of our brain.

In a state of Freedom, we are completely free to do whatever we want. There is no control over us, either by ourselves or from outside or by any moral code. The word Control will be no more in our dictionary.

If we see the above definition of freedom with our current perception, we may not be able to recognize that one can live in such a state of freedom, when that person is still within the society. Our current perception urge us to think that if one live in this society with such freedom, his/her life as well as the order of society will be in a complete chaos. But it is not. One can very well live in this society having such freedom with complete and orderly interaction with society, better than anybody else in the society in which that person is living.

If a person reaches such a state of freedom, his energy, intelligence, body, and emotions will functions at their peak. His energy put him in a state of ecstasy. His intelligence makes him to see the world around him as it is – the reality of existence. His body allows him to do what is required. His emotions will be full of Love and Compassion. When a person is functioning at this level, there is nothing required to control him. The intelligence will make him to see what is required for each and every moment and he functions accordingly. Due to his emotions of Love and compassion, his actions will be such a way that there will not be any harm to the existence due to his action. He will be doing what is needed for each and every moment of his life.

When we reach such a state of freedom, there will be no more fear within us, no more desire within us, and no more attachment within us – yet we can live a socially compatible life with a state of ecstasy – the real life for which we are meant for.

Is it just a theory or only a handful of people designated for such a life of freedom? The answer is a big NO. Anybody, including you and me, in this planet can live such a life. It is practically possible to each one of us to live such a life. All we have to do is free ourselves from the conditioning of our brain/mind, the conditioning from the moment of creation until now. Is it possible to free from the condition happened over billions of years in our short life span? It is possible. All we need to do is to recognize and completely understand that we are the product of conditioning from the moment of creation of this world. We have to have this minimum level of intelligence to understand the conditioning of our mind/brain. Once we understand these facts, naturally we start working towards freeing ourselves from the conditioning, and achieving such a state of freedom is possible for each one of us.

The discussions so far were directed towards understanding the conditioning of our brain/mind and few of the qualities we developed due to these conditioning. From this discussion we might have had some idea about the creation, the evolution, the human mind/brain, the way we see our environment, the way we project our mind, the way we create our world, the way we block our intelligence by means of our mind projection, the way we construct our qualities, the way we identify ourselves with the constructed qualities and so on. If we really understood these things, we already understand the conditioning of our mind – including the conditioning by religions, scriptures, and philosophies. In fact, the conditioning by religion, scriptures, and philosophies are most dangerous conditioning as they block us from seeing from a different perspective. These are the explicitly imposed conditioning over us by the society over and over, generation after generation and hence gone deep into our brain, which blocks us to see things from another perspective. Hence understanding the conditioning of our brain implies that we need to understand the conditioning by religions, scriptures, and philosophies. It does not mean we have to reject the religions, scriptures, and philosophies out right. We need to be just aware that we are the result of conditioning by these entities also. This understanding will make us to look beyond religion, scriptures and philosophies without any prejudice, if there is a need arise for such a perception.

If we have the above understanding and ready to look beyond whatever we already know, freedom is no more a dream. It will be a reality, which is in near vicinity for every one of us – for every entity in the human race.

The only condition for such a realization is the awareness that we are the product of prolonged conditioning and the willingness to look beyond those conditioning. Once we get that awareness, then we can devise methods to elevate our energy, body and emotions to such an extent where our intelligence will take over and from that point the intelligence will make us free from everything – free from all our conditioning, The Complete Freedom.

When we are at this stage, we are in complete order. Hence the existence itself will be in complete order for us. We already transcended duality. Hence there is neither good nor bad in the existence. It is just existence. There is neither positivity nor negativity in the environment. It is just existence. If we do not see anything bad or anything negative in this world, what do we need to change in this world? The world is completely in order.

We need to be a bit cautious here. A dull person cannot also see the difference between good and bad thing in the environment, cannot differentiate positivity and negativity in the environment. For such a dull person, the intelligence is not at all working. Here the state of such person is not freedom…. It is Ignorance. The Beauty is that, even if the dull person is willing, he can be a realized person by following the methods through which his energy, body, and emotions can be elevated to such an extent that his intelligence shall be activated to reach a realized state.

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