Thursday, June 25, 2009


As much number of reference points an object is having, that object can be looked into that many ways. Each one looking into that object from each of these references points may describe the object as many ways as the number of references. The view from each reference may be termed as a dimension for the simplicity of this discussion. For a physical object, such available dimensions are limited.

We are discussing in the domain of life which is ‘physical’ and ‘psychic’ put together. In the physical realm we have fair idea, even if we don’t have; there are established methods to gain that knowledge. The main reason behind this is due to the limited number of references and one can easily study those things. Where as in the psychic aspect, there are no such limitations. Each one can see multiple dimensions in psychological domain and no two persons will see the psychological aspects from the same reference. Hence it leaves limitless possibilities in the psychic domain.

At the same time, psychological domain is also of the physical nature. Psychology is the way our mind operates. Our mind has the root in material – the brain. If there is no brain, there is no mind. The mind is nothing but the working of brain at certain level and hence the mind is also of the nature of physical. The knowledge we have about the mind is limited, even though we have fairly good idea about the nature of brain. The psychological medical field deals with the material aspect of mind or the physical configuration of brain, with limited know how of the operation of mind.

In this psychological domain, there are limitless possibilities available and hence limitless possibilities to live our life, in the psychological domain. Now the question is are we seeing this truth? Are we seeing the limitless psychological paths available for living our lives? Almost every one of us are suffering and enjoying our life, at best, the amount of enjoyment is equal to the amount of suffering and at worst; there is no enjoyment at all. If we know there are limitless possibilities of living our life, can’t there be a possibility where the joy is more than suffering? Have we ever looked in such possibilities? Instead, most of us are willing to live the life as we are living now. Why is this contradiction? Who is responsible for this contradiction?

We are so much into the way we are living now, we don’t even recognize the availability of such possibilities, and hence no chance of looking into those possibilities. We may look in to those possibilities, if we reach the peak of suffering and after that if we have some energy to live, probably we may look into those possibilities. The other possibility is that if we recognize the stupidity of the way we live and if we start questioning at that stupidity, we may look into such possibilities. One more possibility is that, if we happen to listen to certain ideas of somebody else, which influence us certain way, we may look into other possibilities. The danger in this possibility is that we travel further only under the influence of the person or idea which influenced us. There is a great deal of danger in such influence. We may discuss it in another day.

The reason for not looking into the possibilities may be that we have made a firm footing on our “ego” or “self” from the early days of our life here. The “ego” or “self” have the security of its existence with qualities like attachment, dependency, influence, etc. When we look into other possibilities, the very existence of “ego” itself is threatened and hence we are left with the feeling of fear and insecurity. Unless we approach this problem with enough awareness, we will be trapped by our ego itself and hence cannot look into the possibilities.

Probably, this it is a part of evolution process itself. Though every human being has the capability to see the possibilities, only those who are willing to support the evolution process are looking into those possibilities. Out of those who are willing to look into the possibilities, only part of them are really experimenting the possibilities they looked into.
Out of those experimenting into these possibilities, only a few are really experimenting in the path, which can lead to the truth.

If we are really into the right path, hopefully we may not be proud of that achievement and may not want to express it as our success or achievement of this life. If we do so, we surely are not in the right path. Instead, probably, we may be compassionate with those who cannot look into these possibilities. This is not because they are incapable for such a life, but they are unaware of their capabilities.

If the feeling of compassion comes into our being, what else we need? Definitely, we will not be having any complaint about the world in which we are living; instead we will be giving to this world whatever possible by us. The giving here is not for accumulating our ego, but will dissolve it.

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