Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We started of this discussion about the change, we perceive as required in the world around us, to have a world of our choice.

During this discussion we noted that, to have a world of our choice, the first step is bringing in necessary changes within us. Before we change ourselves, as we would like others to be, we can not ask others to change. This implies that we cannot ask the world to change according to our liking unless we change ourselves. If we do so before changing ourselves, we must be mentally imbalanced being. Unfortunately, most of us (At least 90% of human population of this planet) belong to this category. Hence the first step is to bring in necessary changes with in us. To bring in the change with in ourselves, first up all we need to understand the required change. If we do not have the necessary understanding there is not at all any possibility for an inward change.

During this discussion, we tried to understand different qualities with which we attach ourselves. The habit of identifying ourselves with these qualities is the root cause of all our problems and which in turn stimulate us for asking the society to change. This discussion might have indicated about the possibility of a life, which is altogether different from the current life which most of us are living (??). On the other hand, this discussion might have indicated that there is a possibility of life, in which we may be having all the comforts, which we are having now minus the suffering we have and possibly much better way of living.

The key point is that unless we recognize the possibility of such life, which is very much possible for every one of us, we are not going to look into what is that life and hence we are not going to live that life. The type of life, which is unknown for us until now is not meant for only the so-called saints. It is meant for the whole of humanity. Unless we recognize that, we are not going to look into the possibility of living that life ourselves. Unless we look into it, we are not going to get it.

This is because we are entangled with few moments of projected happiness of the life, which we are living and considering as the way of life. We are conditioned so much by our culture, by our religions, by our parents, by our belief systems to such an extent, we fear to look beyond that conditioning. The looking beyond our conditioning is possible only if we realize that our state of conditioning and as a result of that conditioning a whole new way of life is denied to us. The new way of life – all the comforts we are enjoying and much more minus all our current sufferings is possible only if we look beyond our belief systems and question each and every conclusions we have, with out any bias on either direction. These discussions might have been a great step towards recognizing the possibility of such life for ourselves, if we really see deeply into the points being discussed.

We have already discussed few of the human conditions, which bring in duality with in human perception. As long as we are into the domain of duality or as long as we do not understand the space between duality or the continuity between duality, we cannot live a fearless life and hence the other way of life is not possible. The earlier discussions might have indicated that it is actually an easiest task to transcend duality and what we need is a very minor inward change, with that change we can look into existence without any bias. This looking of existence will simply free us from all our psychological bondages. As soon as this happens, our life will transcend to the one we discussed above.

To have such a looking into existence, we need a great deal of intensity. Due to our current life style and current way of education system, we have almost lost our sensitivity to existence. To bring in the necessary intensity of looking the existence, we may have to bring in necessary sensitivity to our system (Physical, psychological, emotional, energy) towards existence. This is the point where we may need to have certain methods. Please note that the methods are just to bring in necessary sensitivity to our system towards existence. The methods cannot do anything more than that. Once the sensitivity is brought into the system, we will be having necessary intensity in all our actions this intensity will lead us to the other way of life, which is all our comforts plus, probably much more much more, minus the sufferings.

When we use the methods, great care must be taken not to get attached with the method. If not, we just stuck at the method and our progress towards the better way of living will stop there. The methods may give a false feeling of satisfaction, which we can any way drive from our current way of living. Due to the falsity of this satisfaction, we will be in a much bigger trap. The key point here is the awareness of existence at all times. If we lose the awareness for a brief period, we may fall in a trap, which will be again same as our current way of life.

In addition to the causes of suffering of our current life, we may discuss the overview of few of the methods given by Indian culture towards improving our sensitivity towards existence. It is to be noted that the method suitable for one person may not be suitable for another person, which is due to the chemical composition of individuals. Hence it is up to the individuals to follow certain method suitable for them to increase the sensitivity of their system.

If we condense the content of this discussion, it may be stated as below.

1. Realize the possibility of a better life for every one of us
2. Bring in necessary inward change to live that life
3. See the necessity of inward change to have such life
4. Bring in necessary intensity in our actions to see the necessity
5. The intensity shall be brought in by improving the sensitivity of our system to existence
6. Sensitivity of our system towards existence might be brought in by means of certain methods
7. Choose the right method for the individuals based on individual composition
8. Recognize and understand the trap in each step.

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