Saturday, May 23, 2009


We are living our life with full of conflicts – Conflicts with others, conflicts with environment, conflict with the world and conflict within ourselves. Living with conflict has become our way of life. We are so much into the conflicts and now we are in a state that without conflict, either within or with outside world, we started feeling ourselves as incomplete.

Why is it so? When there is no conflict, there is no outward work for the mind. When the mind is free, it starts turning inward. When it turns inward, it sees the nakedness of us. If we are not matured enough to see ourselves as we are, we will get frightened. To escape from this fear, the mind will start projecting the world based on the content of our memory and in this projection we start seeing ourselves and the world as incomplete.

If we seriously look into this process, we can definitely understand that this is not the way of life for which the human life is intended for. Human beings are the most evolved beings in this world, which is the result of about 13 billion years of evolution. Having the experience of 13 billion years within us and still we live such a life, it is entirely due to our ignorance and not due to our incapability. Unless we express the evolution in our life it will be an absolute meaningless life, whatever may be our projection as our achievement.

As a evolved being, it is our nature to live a life which is intended for human being and out of ignorance we are living a life of conflicts and hence sufferings. To move into the domain of life which is intended for us, the first step must be to recognize our ignorance, which is the most difficult part of this process. It is not difficult because of our incapability, but because of the belief systems in which we are immersed ourselves. The difficulty lies in moving away from all our belief systems. If we could take this first step, there may not be any looking back.

The irony is that most of us lack energy to look into our ignorance. Unless we have sufficient energy within us, we may not be able to look into our belief systems and ignorance with required intensity. Hence, there is a need for energizing ourselves to get sufficient intensity into our looking. Certain methods may be used for energizing ourselves so that we can have an intensive looking into our ignorance and dissolve our ignorance. But one has to have enough awareness of this methods, otherwise will become the slave of those methods.

Coming back to our point of discussion, if we look deep enough into any of our conflicts with outside world, we will be able to find that it has started from a conflict within ourselves. Hence the source of any outside conflict is the conflict within us. If we know how to live a life without any conflict within us, then we know how to live a life without any conflict with the outside world.

Conflict arises within us because we are in a situation where we need to choose for any of our actions. It is obvious that wherever there is a choice, there is a conflict. The choices are there because we do not have enough awareness about ourselves as well as about the world and hence we do not really know what is needed out of us. Because of the lack of awareness we start projecting about ourselves and the world. The projection about ourselves and the world are the product of our mind and not real, because we do not have necessary awareness to look into the reality as it is, without the projection of mind. We know about ourselves and outside world only by means of comparison. The outcome of any comparison is relative to the compared. It is not absolute. Hence what we know about ourselves is just the projection of our mind and when we identify all our actions with the projection of our mind, there will be multiple choices available for choose due to the fact that we have multiple images of ourselves and world within our mind and hence conflict is inevitable.

Does it mean that we can be free from conflicts only when we are aware of the absoluteness? The answer is definitely NO. When we are aware that the choices are there, because we have the multiple projections within our mind, definitely we look more intensively and more deeply. The awareness of multiple choices itself give us the necessary energy to look into more deeply. If we look deep enough, we understand the situation completely and understand what is needed for that situation. With this intensity of looking, we lose all choices and hence there are no more conflicts in our action and hence no more conflicts within us. When we are free from conflicts, there are no more conflicts with outside world.

What we need is just the awareness of our thought process. It is so simple. We do not need any GOD. We do not need any Guru. We do not need any Astrologer. We do not need any particular cosmic structure. We do not need any scripture. We do not need anybody else. We just have to understand the game of our mind. Nobody else can show it to us, unless we ourselves willingly look into our thoughts. We need not even forcefully stop the projection of our mind. Let the mind does what it likes to do, but just be aware of the difference between what we really see and what we perceive as seen due to the projection of mind. If we can bring in that much awareness within us, we are very near to have a world of our liking.

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