Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We are discussing about the change we want to have in the world as we are seeing a complete chaos in the world around us. Based on the discussion so far, every one of us sees a different world. The world I am seeing is entirely different form the world you are seeing. No two persons will see the same world. The reason is that the world we see is the projection of our mind and no two persons think alike and hence the world of no two persons will be alike.

This implies that if we are seeing complete chaos in the world, essentially our mind is in complete chaos. During the discussion so far, we have seen some of the reasons for such a chaotic mind. So far we were discussing about constructed qualities which we need to wipe out from ourselves to get ourselves free. Responsibility is one action which we have to adapt. The action with responsibility will help us to get away with those constructed qualities. Responsibility is stated as action rather than a quality because we never identify ourselves with it. Qualities are some thing with which we are attached and hence identified with. Responsibility is an action out of us.

If we look deep into our day-to-day life, we take responsibility for ourselves of all our successes and with things whichever we are happy with in our life. But if there is some problem in life, we rarely take responsibility for that problem; we rarely recognize the problem is due to some of our actions for which we are responsible. We readily find someone else to pass the responsibility for our problems. We also fail to recognize the quality of life we are living is entirely based on our actions. The actions might have been stimulated by somebody else or something else. But the actions were performed by us with our complete knowledge. Hence we are completely responsible for what we are today, whether we are happy or not happy with our present state. Of course, we are thankful to those stimulating environment- be it our parents, or well wishers or whoever it be.

In most of the cases, we shift the responsibility of our present state to somebody else and if we could not get those somebody else, it is very easy to shift that responsibility to God or Cosmic power; as nobody understand what it really mean and God never questions us for this action, and hence we are not answerable to anybody for shifting the responsibility of our failures and problems towards God. But, by doing this, we lose our freedom. We enter in a state of fear, which will be the breeding point for all our constructed qualities and hence all our problems.

When we take responsibility of our action means, we will be completely aware of our actions. We will be also aware that the result for the action is not only depends on our action, but many external situations also. As we completely take the responsibility of our actions and hence aware of the external conditions, we respond to all these external situations and now we are in a position to accept the outcome of our action, whatever it may be. The key point here is that taking responsibility of our action drastically improves our awareness and once we are aware, the less will be the fear and hence less will be the possibility of creating other constructed qualities out of our action.

When we shift the responsibility of our actions to somebody else, we are choosing the escape route, which in turn make our awareness to shrink. The less our awareness, the more will be chances of getting into fear. Once we have fear there is no escape from suffering.

If we would like to change the world around us, we should be capable of assuming responsibility for all of our action. If we are not able to take responsibility of our actions, yet want to change the world from ‘what it is’ to ‘what should be’, then we are creating more problems for ourselves and for the world. In such case, it is better to live our own life in our own way, instead of worrying about the world, as it has no meaning for those who are not ready to take the responsibility for their own actions!

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