Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Present state of the World

Let us go back to the beginning of this discussion to find out the relevance of ongoing discussion with respect to original intention.
We perceive problem with almost every aspects of our life as well as the environment in which we are living - like economics, politics, culture, conflict between governments, conflict between governments and citizens and any other aspect we name it. Usually we get somebody to conveniently shift the blame for each and every problem. We never realize we are also part of all those problems, but always want to solve (by ourselves or somebody else) all those problems and most of the cases suggest a solution to the problem without even realizing the intensity of the problem and practicability of suggested solution.

The core of this discussion is that we will be able to change the world as we like to have, provided we can bring in some basic changes within us. To bring in such inward change, we must have to realize that there is a possibility of inward change with in every one of us and the need for such change. Whatever we have discussed until now and in future is to give certain perspective on various aspects of life, which may help us to achieve this result. It may not be possible for everybody to look in to the world with the same perspective discussed here. But it may be possible for almost everybody to realize at least few aspects being discussed here. Once the realizations of some of these aspects are achieved, the other aspects shall also be perceived (either the way discussed here or in a perspective which is closely related to the reader’s individual composition). Once that is achieved, we will understand the need for inward change and it is not difficult to bring in the necessary changes (if required) within us.

We have seen that life has evolved continuously in this earth from the single cell being to the present life forms and it shall evolve further until the destruction or the annihilation process takes place. The human life may or may not be there in this earth at that point of time, which does not matter for the evolution of this vast cosmos. So we are at the peak of evolution curve, which shall move just upward direction in next moment and billions of years to come until the point of annihilation, which shall be the ultimate evolution of this cosmos. The irony is that at the peak of evolution (until now – during four billion years of life forms in earth and 200000 years of human form in earth), we are still feeling problems around everywhere. Hence it may not be the problem of the world, but may be the problem of our perception!

For argument sake, let us assume everybody in this world is realized being and they have already achieved inner freedom (as discussed in the topic FEAR). For such realized beings, if something is not available in their environment, they can very well forget that something and live happily with whatever available for them. They may not have to invent whatever not available for them. If everyone is realized beings there is no greed in this world.

If there is no greed, there is no tendency to accumulate more or prove more powerful. Hence there is no need for invent anything or invade somebody else territory, and since all are realized beings, unavailability of something shall not bother them.
If there is no power struggle between governments, there was no need to prove which government are stronger one and mission to moon and other planets might not have happened in 20th century.

If everyone is realized being, there is no greed, no power struggle and no economic imbalance. Hence there is no need to invent new technologies to fill the vacuum. Every one might be happier being with whatever available for them and hence there is no need for develop anything new.

Whatever comfort and luxury the human form having now is because of the past and present condition of evolution with all the disparity in this world and all the qualities labeled as bad qualities or qualities which bring destruction to the earth. But nothing may be wrong in that as it supported the material evolution in this earth. It should not be misunderstood that this discussion justifies the disorders of the world today- like disparity between people (poor and rich), disparity between nations, disparity between communities, war, and death happening around the world due to social (perceived) imbalance and so many such events.

But we have no option other than accepting the fact. It is a common sense that intelligence has to work to see the fact. Once our intelligence is working enough to see this fact, then the logical next step will be using that intelligence to live in this world of disparity, yet untouched by the disparity. At this point we need to realize that we are also the source of disparity. Unless we cease from being the source of disparity and try to fight against the disparity, then there is a conflict within us and this conflict is sufficient to kill our life. Once our intelligence start working, we understand the source of disparity and start living, yet untouched by the disparity. Now due to the working of our intelligence, we cease to be the source of this disparity and we are ready to fight against the disparity without being carried away by the disparity. Only the intelligent beings can do that. Intelligence is the process of evolution.

Hence it is up to us. Whether we like to evolve further and lead the evolution process or get stagnated and just support the evolution process by way of fear, greed, conflicts, anger and so on. Yes, the technological development is because of these constructed qualities of human being and technological development is indispensible portion with respect to the evolution of intelligence. So, it is up to us to be part of real evolution or just be the part of technological evolution.

The difference between these two may be very subtle. If we are just the part of technological evolution, we support the evolution process (we ourselves may not evolve), but will not enjoy the taste of real evolution – The major part of our life may be struggle in such case. If we really evolve intelligently, we will also enjoy the fruits of technological evolution.

Evolution is the natural tendency of creation - It is material evolution as well as life evolution. The material or technological evolution in earth is due to the attributes discussed above of the living beings, where as intelligence beings evolve by using the material/technological evolution as a tool for real evolution. It is up to us to become part of any of these two categories.

So, at the beginning of this discussion our intention was to remove the disorders in this world. To remove the disorders of this world, first we need to understand the disorders of this world. Once we have the complete understanding of these disorders, we will be able to understand if there is a need for removing/changing those disorders, the source of those disorders and our contribution to those disorders. At that stage, if we need to change the world, we must cease to be the contributor of those disorders and for that there need to have an inward change within us. Once the necessary inward change is brought in, we will be able to change the world as we like. The various topics discussed here are to realize the need and bring in the basic change within us.

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