Sunday, January 4, 2009

Logic with in Creation and Evolution

We have seen that there is a complete logic behind creation and evolution. When we were children, we might have had funny images about the formation and birth of ourselves. When we grow up, we gained some knowledge about the mechanism of reproduction and we are capable of explaining it logically.

When we were grown up children, most of us might have had the question of how the first human came into the earth. When we asked this question, out of ignorance, we were told some funny stories and we started believing those stories. We learned the evolution theories and many other things by ourselves, when we were capable of acquiring such knowledge. But the funny stories gone deep into our memories due to the belief system we and our immediate ancestors had, and for most of us, still it is deep in to our memory. At the same time we are able to acknowledge the logic behind it, if it is presented logically.

There is complete logic behind each and every happening in the whole of cosmos. It is only that our present knowledge or experience is not capable of recognizing the whole logic behind happening around the cosmos. In other words, our present experience is limited to very, very few things which are happening around the cosmos and we will be able to understand with our logical mind only about that dimension of happening in the cosmos. If our experience is widened, we will be able to see another dimension of cosmos also, with complete logic. We are not able to see the other dimension of the cosmos at this moment with our logical mind does not mean that there is no logic behind the happening in the vast cosmos.

If a man who lived in earth 100 years ago, suddenly come in front of us, he will just get frightened at what we are doing now. In his experience what we are doing is completely miracles. When we take a small piece of material and talk to it and if we say, we are talking to some body in the other side of earth, it is a miracle for him. In his experience he can not speak with any body who is more than 100 meters away. But we know the science behind what we are doing and hence in our experience what we are doing is not a miracle.

The similar analogy is applicable to each and every happening in this earth as well as the whole cosmos. There is complete logic behind what is happening in the earth as well as in the cosmos. It may not be in our experience. That doesn’t mean what is happening around is miracle. The bottom line is that there are no miracles in this earth or in this cosmos. Every happening has a complete logic behind that. The fact is that our present experience is not relevant to the other dimension. That doesn’t again mean we have to accept the other dimension as told by somebody else without any understanding of what is told to us. If we do that mistake, the possibility of knowledge is sealed there and we will be just living as ignorant beings.

It is not that we are not capable of understanding these logics. We are the most capable beings in this cosmos to understand and experience the entire happening. What we need is awareness that every happening in this cosmos has logic and the willingness to see that logic. If we can allow our natural instinct of evolution, we will definitely search for the other dimension by ourselves, may be with a little help from those who have already experienced the other dimensions. In this way, even if we are unable to taste the other dimensions of cosmos, we are in the right track – The track of evolution of our being, and we are not far away from changing the world as we need.


Deepak said...

Good insight. But are you saying this is not a miracle? The more we learn, the more miraculous it seems. For centuries, we have been scratching the surface of creation! Just the marvel of imagining what might be in store...

Also, please clarify on "...may be with a little help from those who have already experienced the other dimensions." Who are you referring to?

Change said...

It is not a miracle at all! For a person who hasn’t heard about telephone, talking to another person at the other side of earth may be miracle. For a person who hasn’t heard about television, seeing some thing happening at the other is a miracle. A person who hasn’t heard about the art/science of living the life happily with out any worry, seeing such a person is miracle. For the one who haven't heard about the science of creation, creation is a miracle. On the other hand, what we perceive as reality or miracle is entirely based on our experience or knowledge. If we widen our experience or knowledge, nothing in this cosmos will be a miracle. If we allow shrinking our experience or knowledge, the life and survival of ourselves seems to be a miracle.

The statement, “may be with a little help from those who have already experienced the other dimensions” has to be approached very carefully. There may be large number of people who claims that they have tasted or experienced the life as a whole. They claim that they can teach others and make others the complete experience of life and creation. Some of them may be genuine and some of them may be fake. But every one of them have the capability to deceive us with their presentation skills. One need to be extremely careful while looking for such help. If you want me put it more bluntly, I am talking about the so called spiritual leaders.

But, we may need the genuine ones. The problem here is how to know the genuine one? For that purpose, we need our intelligence. Once we get into them, and we are not using our intellect, we are gone. All possibilities are closed. If we do not use our intellect, we shall be deceived by their presentation skills and trapped there for ever. It doesn’t mean we need to approach them with full of doubt. The fact is that we need to approach them with the awareness of what we want. If we have that basic awareness, the probability of we deceived by their presentation skills is very less and possibility of experiencing the unknown dimensions in our experience is reasonable, with their guidance, but with our effort.