Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Energy with in Ourselves

We know that, few tons of radioactive material with chain reaction initiated is sufficient to destroy the entire earth. For radioactive materials, the atomic structure is such a way that with certain amount of energy, the atom can be split into smaller atom with release of enormous amount of energy. The release in energy is calculated by the formula E=delta m * c^2. Where, delta m is the difference in mass of the original amount of material and the total mass of the splited material. That means a fraction of the mass of the radio active material involved in the chain reaction is converted into energy and this energy is used to destroy the earth. The other materials (non radio active), the force with in the atom is so high, it cannot be easily split. On the other hand, if the other atoms can be split in to its basic building block and energy, that will generate much higher energy. That means the energy contains in few Kgs of other materials are released at an instant, it may be sufficient to destroy the entire earth.

To understand this a bit better, we need to go back to the concept of creation that was discussed earlier. Before creation (about 4 billion years ago) there was nothing in the cosmos except energy (at no vibration or at very high frequency of vibration at which, it can not hold form) and the mass-less Bosons. As bosons are mass less, cannot be consider it as matter and hence energy is the only existing entity at that time. When the energy starts vibrates (meaning, the mass-less particles start vibrating), the bosons are converted to fermions, which are the building blocks of atoms. As the particles started forming, they had their state of vibration. With the quality of that vibration (or frequency of that vibration), different atoms are formed. That means the atoms are different forms of basic energy, which vibrates at different frequencies. On the other hand whatever material we see in this cosmos are energy that vibrates at certain frequency. Depend on the frequency of vibration it holds different forms. Modern physics with theories of quantum mechanics establishes this fact. And the LHC in France/Swis is to confirm this fact experimentally.

To put it in raw words, whatever forms we see in this world are nothing but vibration of certain amount of energy at certain frequency so that it holds that particular form. When the frequency of vibration is increased to a level at which the energy cannot hold its form, it will annihilate in to bosons and release as a mere energy with out form. Those who still recollect a bit of physics learned in school can understand these terms easily.

In the case of an atom bomb, only a fraction of its total mass is converted into energy to bring destruction, the remaining mass is converted into other materials.

Every one of us must have studied Chemistry in our high school and we might have come across the periodic table. As per the periodic table about 110 base materials (May be few less than this number) are available in this earth, with atomic number ranging from 1 to 110.

We have also seen that our body is a heap of chemicals that are bonded together with certain force and, the body and force together constitute ourselves, as we perceive now. Let us take a dead body and separate the chemical compounds in to the base materials indicated in the periodic table. Of course we do not have the technology now. But let us assume if we can do that we will end up with a maximum of 110 different types of atoms and the weight together will be definitely more than few Kgs. If we can break all the atoms and release the energy, it is more than sufficient to destroy the whole earth.

Of course, we do not have the technology to do that, but it is the fact. This explanation given is just to appreciate the fact that our body itself contains enormous energy (mc^2), which is sufficient to destroy the entire earth, if is completely released in an instant (if we have the technology for that). It is the process of annihilation, the reverse process of creation. Over and above that we have certain energy which binds these bunches of atoms in the form of chemical compounds to form a human being. Probably, that energy must have more capability than the energy of the atoms in our body to keep them together.

This example must have demonstrated about the absolute energy content of just our body content it self. But we know, we are more than the body. May be at this point of time, we are not in a position to define what is that with in us which is more than this body. But one thing is certain. If the body has this much energy, the some thing which is more than the body and which keep the body in control must have much higher energy. If this much energy is directed in a certain way, definitely we can have a world in the way we like to have!

With this discussion, probably we are able to get a glimpse of one dimension of our nature. We may have to see countless dimension of our nature to find out our real nature. But just seeing by intellect may not be sufficient. We may have to experience what we are seeing intellectually to achieve our aim. Let us attempt to the extent possible for us.

Please bear in mind that every one see the environment in different perspective. As an individual, we see certain things in certain perspective and some body else in another perspective. Both of the seeings are correct with respect to those individuals. The quality of the impressions in that individuals perception is depend on the quality of his perception. If one learn to see the same thing in different perspectives, at a certain stage, he/she will only see the thing and no quality shall be attached to the seeing. This concept we shall discuss more at later stage when we discuss the concept of duality.

The above discussion is just to see ourselves in a different perspective than what we are seeing normally. Other than that it doesn’t have any significance. Hence arguing for or against this perspective has no meaning in the context of this discussion. Hope you can understand this point.

We know that any event shall be perceived by different individuals in different ways. No two perception of the same event shall be the same. We are constrained with the inability to see the events with the perception of some body else. This is the reason for the chaos of this world. Because each one has his/her own perception and divide themselves from others by means of their own perception.
Let us assume,we are walking along the road. We have certain perception of usage of road at this moment. When we started riding cycle on this road, our perception of usage of road changes little bit to suit our new avatar with cycle. When we start using motor bike on the same road, our perception of usage of this road changes still further. Finally when we are car users on the same road, our perception of road is completely different from the previous versions. And most probably, when we are moving on the opposite direction of the same road, again our perception of usage of road may be different.

The point here is that our perception of road usage at any moment shall be with respect to what we are at that moment. Mind that, what ever be our mode in the above list(walk, cycle, motor bike, car, etc.) at that road, there are many others using the same road with other modes and we were also in the other modes at certain point of time. Still our perception is only with respect to our current mode. We have conditioned our intelligence in such a way that we never or seldom perceive the usage of road with respect to the modes other than what we are currently in. We never perceive any event with more than one perspective. This leads to division between individuals and become the source of all the problems in this world. Onece we learn to see any event or any moment with more than one perspective, the division between the individuals starts disappear and hence the problems of the world also.

This example of energy with in us is just to understand that there are many ways to see any thing. Once we are able to appreciate this fact and start seeing things in more than one perspective, we are already started changing with in us. If we progress like this, it is not far away to have a world of our choice

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