Sunday, January 25, 2009

Building Belief Systems

As we mentioned some where earlier we have enough intelligence to understand about ourselves. But the question is whether we are applying our intelligence to realize our capabilities? The most probable answer is a big NO! Even if we try to understand with in the limit of the constraints we have, some where on the way of intellect, at the point where our intellect is unable to find a solution, we take escape route and build an image around it. Here after we live under the image rather than living with knowledge.

Our mind has immense capability. It can create a new world of our own with in a moment. Such is the imagination capacity of our mind. When ever our intellect can not solve a problem, with our present experience, by the nature of ourselves, we still seek for a solution. The easiest path available is to seek information already available with some body, who already knows about this problem and a probable solution. Up to this point it is fine. The real killing problem starts when we get some thing, which seems to be an answer to our problem, our mind grasp a part of it and with its own imagination power, present it as a solution of our problem. If our mind is functioning with its full power, then with the discriminating power of intelligence, it can verify the solution. But due to our present way of life, our mind seldom functions with its real potential. Due to our present life style and the way we live, the mind mainly works with reactive thoughts. Very seldom it works with active thoughts. Hence there is no real discriminating power with in our mind. Because of this reactive thought process, what ever information it received due to our seeking, it build images and then build a belief system with in us. Once this belief gone into our system, we are already gone. The belief system with in us is built by reactive thought and once the reactive thought becomes a belief system and embedded into ourselves, the mind try to make each and every one of our actions in conformity with our belief system. The mind assumes that the belief, which has gone in to our life process, is the reality. But the fact is not that. Once we are into a belief system and as we think it is the reality, we never look beyond that belief system. Hence to bring in a real change with in us, we should be careful enough not to build a belief system with in us. If we already have one, the biggest effort is to break the belief system, which is not an easy task. Those who have gone through some of the works of J.K (J. Krishnamurti) can recognize this fact very easily.

Hence to bring change in the world, one of the change we need to bring with in ourselves is the demolition of belief systems with in us, carefully built by the culture, society, religion or what ever such entities. We may analyze the source of fear on another day. With out demolishing our belief system with in us, we can not escape the bondage from our reactive thought, rather from the image we have built about ourselves. It is not an easy job, unless we understand the logic behind the happenings around us. It is not an easy job, unless we understand we really do not have any need for such belief systems. This can happen only when we have enough inner freedom to be away from fear and insecurity. Every one of us is having fear on so many things and feeling of insecurity. To be free from fear, we need to understand our fear and cause of that fear. Unless we get out of the image about ourselves, it is not at all possible to bring in any change with in us. Unless we bring in any changes with in us, we can not change the world around us.

Hence, if we are not ready to demolish our belief systems, images and fear, it is better to accept the world around us with out complaining. Even if we complain about the world nothing is going to change about it unless we bring in the necessary changes with in us. This habit of complaining about the world just boil with in us and spoil our health with out yielding any positive result, so better not to bother about it, unless we have at least the smallest instinct to bring in the necessary changes with in us.

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