Monday, December 22, 2008

Self Analysis

Performing a true self analysis may be the most difficult yet most important activity for any body. We know that we already have certain image of ourselves. Before self analysis, we need to understand that the image we have about ourselves is not useful for the self analysis. This is because, this image has very few attributes of ours based on how we think about ourselves. While doing self analysis, we need to shatter all these images built by ourselves to get a reasonable out come.

To perform a self analysis, we need to understand the constitution of our body to the extent possible for us. Understanding our constitution doesn’t mean about understanding our mental projection about ourselves or understanding based on some scriptures and philosophy. It may be very difficult to put in words about what it means here. It is not about believing some thing (probably one assumption) and derives the rest of the understanding based on that belief. This understanding is about what could be the real constituent of ourselves based on the possibilities to the extent we can go down.

Here is the constitution of human being as I can understand. It is the possibility I am seeing about the constitution of human being. It may not be acceptable to you and it is not necessary for you to accept this. But derive the possibility based on your understanding, with out introducing your belief (or conditioning of mind) in to it. That will be the constitution of human being as per you and the rest of the self analysis can be done based on your derivation. But mind that, to get a reasonable self analysis, one must be true with the understanding of himself.

We are a heap of chemicals bonded together with the help of some energy. The heap of chemicals is our body. Our body will retain the shape and perform the functions as it performing now as long as the energy is sufficient to perform this action or the constitution of chemicals is good enough to hold the energy with in it. If the body is not capable of holding that energy or when the energy is not sufficient to hold the body, the body disintegrates into other chemicals and this is called Death.

Each one of us has certain amount of chemicals, which may vary from person to person. The proportion of this chemicals, degeneration, and regeneration of these chemicals are controlled by complex mechanisms with in the body. These mechanisms it self are chemical reactions, thru which the energy is generated for controlling the body and maintaining the control system of the body.

We also have Mind. Mind is basically the outward projection of Brain. The brain is the central control system of our body. It receives energy by means of chemical reaction/electrical energy from the sense objects of our body, store the information with in the brain by means of neuron connections with in brain, locate the similar category of information with in the brain, then compare the data received at the moment with past data, and store the result with in the brain. Along with storing the data, it generates thoughts which are the out come of activity of the brain. These thoughts activate other parts of the brain and the brain send the control signals back to the body organs as required. Some of these thoughts happen in conscious level, some of them in subconscious level and some in unconscious level. Some of the psychologists even accept one more deeper level of mind called collective unconscious mind, where the information we inherited from all our ancestors (probably from the single cell living being until the previous generation – over a period of 3 billion years) are stored in it. On the other hand, the collective unconscious mind is the storage repository of evolution. The following is one of the links available in net, where you can find some information about unconscious mind and collective unconscious mind:

If you look into the type of thoughts, it may be classified into two types. One is active thought and another is reactive thought. When we do certain task, the thought guide the task and the body does the task according to the direction in which the thought is directing. This is active thought. We need this thought. With out this type of thought we can not perform our tasks in this world. The second type is the reactive thought. After we completed a task or part of a task, the mind compare it with many other aspects, which are not necessary for the completion of task but closely related with the task we are doing and in response to the comparison, the mind reacts and generates new thoughts.

We need active thoughts to live in this world. But the reactive thoughts are totally unnecessary and with in a normal human being more than 90% of the thoughts are reactive type. But we are unable to separate or remove the reactive thoughts from our brain functionality. Now probably we know why we are using as little as 10% of our brain capacity as claimed by those who are researching on Brain functionality. One aspect of self analysis is to understand the reactive thoughts and the implication of them with in us. Here one thing we need to keep in mind. The line which separates the active thoughts and reactive thoughts may be very, very thin. We must be careful while handling this part of self analysis.

Now the question may be who has put together the chemicals and infused the energy with in it to make the human being. To understand this we need to go little backward on creation and evolution.

We may return back to Self Analysis after discussing on evolution on another day.

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