Saturday, December 20, 2008

Problem Analysis

It is clear that there is a need for a change with in us. The root cause for this requirement of change is that we perceive problems every where around us. In environment, politics, life style, culture, and any thing we name it, we perceive a problem there. In spite of all these problems, the universe is expanding on its defined path on the macro level and the life of animate beings and inanimate beings are happening as usual. In short, in spite of the problems perceived by almost every human beings in this earth (There may be very few exceptions), the world is evolving as usual and hence there is actually no problem in the world when seeing another dimension of the world.

Now the problem is with the world or with us? In another words, the problem is with the perceived or with the perception? It is a real problem to understand where the problem is. It is well accepted norm that we need to analyze our capabilities before venturing into any thing new so that we can fine tune our approach to get the target.

So we need to analyze our capabilities before venturing into analyzing the problem of perceived or the problem of world. No body else can analyze our capabilities. It is we alone can analyze our capabilities. Now the question is how capable are we to analyze ourselves. I doubt about our ability to perform this function with our present knowledge and awareness about ourselves. When we say self analysis, it is not just seeing a very few attributes of ourselves and project an image of ourselves out of that few attributes. Any way we already have such an image with in us. That image doesn’t help much in this problem. The self analysis indicated here means the analysis of ourselves, as deep as possible with complete awareness of what we are.

Hence I would suggest, we need to improve our ability to perform this self analysis before venturing into this one. Of course, it is a time consuming exercise. If we want to change the world as we like, we need to take our time do this exercise. No other alternative. In case we are not ready to do this self analysis, the better alternative is accept the world as it is and jumps into it. Do not complain about the happenings in the world. But we are not capable of doing that also.

I hope, now we are able to recognize a conflict with in ourselves, which is one of the causes of all our problems. We do not want to do any thing for orselves, but every thing has to fall under our feet. Another important aspect about changing the world as we wish is that we need to identify all the conflicts with in us and resolve them. We need self analysis for achieving this and before that we need to reach a state from where we can perform self analysis with reasonable ability to recognize the conflicts with in us and ability to withstand the mental turmoil as a result of understanding the conflicts with in us.

It is not that every one has to improve their ability in all departments to perform a reasonable self analysis to get a reasonable result. Some of us may be already having certain abilities with in us and others may be having certain other abilities. Our aim is to estimate the requirement of abilities to perform a reasonable self analysis and improve where ever required.

Let us discuss more on self analysis in another day

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