Tuesday, December 30, 2008


When we talk about the evolution of human race, normally we talk about just the previous version of human – The monkey. To talk about evolution of human race, we must talk about how the first living being might have come in to existence.

Nature has a great affinity towards evolution. In the macro level from mass less particles and energy the whole massive universe was evolved. Until this point, the evolution was macro level, the evolution in the cosmic level. From this point the evolution is in the micro level, with in earth. We do not aware of any other micro level evolution that was happened other than in earth. Here after, for our study of evolution of life, we just concentrate only on earth. After about one billion years of formation of earth, the first living being, the single cell living being evolved in earth, according to the theories of evolution based on scientific study.. The single cell living organism evolved in earth about 3 to 4 billion years ago, out of matter available in earth. Almost one to two billion years, it was only single cell living beings in this world.

So, the evolution is a natural process. Any thing and every thing have the greatest affinity to evolve from its current state. About a billion years ago, out of its urge to evolve, multi cell organisms evolved in earth from the single cell beings. We should appreciate the fact that the single cell living beings struggled for about two billion years with their urge to evolve in to multi cell beings. From their, the evolution is pretty fast and with in a billion years, the multi cell form to human form has been evolved. Various sources in internet indicate the age of human form is some where between 100,000 years and 200,000 years. Out of this the culture evolved some where between 10,000 years and 20,000 years ago. From this data, we may be able to appreciate the fact that the age of human culture is just a small fraction compared to the time range of creation. We may be further able to appreciate the fact that the speed of evolution of human intellect at present time is much, much faster than any time before in the evolution of beings from the time of creation. It indicates that we are in a stage where we have enormous responsibility, never before, to evolve further. If we are missing that opportunity, we are doing an unforgivable crime against the natural urge of evolution, the creation, the creator – The GOD and the future generation. We must understand this and need to put forward our best effort to evolve further. In other words, we need to put forward our best effort to have a much evolved future generations. Otherwise the future generation shall charge as for not using the enormous opportunity available in front of us.

With this discussion, we have a fair idea about creation, the complexities in the forces acting between trillions of cosmic objects, possibility of living being in some other star system with in the cosmos, the process of evolution of human race and the present state of our intellect. Hope the reader will be able to appreciate the fact that the world was not created by any body on a single day or in fact not created by any body at all. Also no body has prepared on a single day, a heap of chemicals, given some energy to that heap of chemical, and named it as human being. It happened by evolution over a period of four billion years with the natural urge with in the creation it self.

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Gives a new perspective about life, god ... interesting reading.