Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life Within

If we can observe our own mind little bit, it is possible to recognise a very secret and isolated life we are living within our mind. This is supposed to be our real life. The life we call it as our life – the outward life is much against the life we are living within our mind in most of the cases. But very often we fail to recognise this inner life due to our inattention to our own mind. In most of the cases, we may not be able to share the content of our inner life even to the closest of our relations. If do so, the relation may collapse, irrespective of our entire claim about the intensity of love with that relationship – such is the contradiction between our inner and outward life. Same is the case, if any of our relation revel their inner life to us. To understand this we need not enter into the secret regime of anybody else. What we have to do is just observe our own mind to understand our inner life, the way we actually live our outward life and the contradiction between the two. We can find unlimited contradictions. To understand these contradictions, our consciousness must have sufficient depth.

The same is the case with every one, probably except those who have transcended their consciousness or those eliminated the barrier between their consciousness, sub consciousness and unconsciousness. This is because the mind of every human being works exactly in the same way, if the wandering at outer layer of mind is left alone.

When the outward life is synchronised with inner life that is the time we are actually living our life in the real sense of living. If this is the definition of life, seldom we live our life. The reason is that our consciousness is so thin, seldom are we able to recognise such inner life. Where ever we recognise within that thin consciousness, very often it contradict with outward life. And if we synchronise the outward life with out understanding the structure and contradiction of inner life with all its instability, we can not live in society – we will be labelled as ‘mad’ by the society.

When we are unable to recognise our inner life, our life is a very dull and insensitive life irrespective of the intensity of our outward activity. This dullness and insensitivity of our mind is the prime reason for all the ills of society. The problems like corruption, violence, killing in the society and every thing else are due to the abundance of such dull and insensitive minds in society. An active and sensitive mind can not contradict with the outward life. If it does, it is actually living in hell and not many can live such a life in hell. Only way to live in such hell is to make our mind dull and insensitive so that the contradictions are no more recognised. Hence to have a healthy society, we the constituent of the society must have an active and sensitive mind. If we really want to contribute some thing for the society, we must be active and sensitive which is capable of recognising inner life. This active and sensitive mind of ours will bring in prosperity for the society.

The inner life may become stable when the wandering of mind is limited or the depth of consciousness is increased. When this starts happening, possibly we start recognise our inner life. The recognition of inner life itself may change the way we live our outward life, provided we have sufficient freedom from bondages like fear, lack of security etc. Our life will be real hell, when we recognise our inner life, but we live a contradictory outward life due to any bondage. In the same way, our life must be a heaven when we live the same life within and out!

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