Saturday, July 24, 2010

(Self) Worship

Over a period of time, probably from the time when we (the human form) started thinking beyond the day-to-day survival, worship had important role in our life – if not outwardly worship, might be the worship deep within our mind and the deep feeling within us. Unfortunately, the worship started due to our (probably) inward movement completely taken a ‘U’ turn and now we started living a life with an illusion of using worship for the gain of our outward life. This ‘U’ turn might have happened at the time when the man worshiped for the first time – probably due to the miscommunication, due to the lack of understanding of followers of those days or due to millions of other reasons, which doesn’t matter for us now. But the concept of worship is spoiled over thousands of years of human life in this earth, by those who are not capable of understanding worship and still we are spoiling this term by taking it to another dimension of ‘Self worship’, may be this also might had been all along!

‘Worship’ is a beautiful term with respect to its original meaning, but very much spoiled one. When we understand, like a cell in our body which is an independent living being but collectively perform the function of our own life and similarly we are an independent entity in this earth but collectively make the life of earth possible and completely- with out exception, fall within the rules of earth for its life, we can do nothing but submitting our entire being to this ‘Maha Dharma’- in Buddhist terms or to the universal law governing the whole of existence – in rational terms or to the ‘God’ in innocent terms, is Worship. Without understanding, there cannot be any worship. And probably we need the understanding that we are not capable of understanding certain things at our current level of perception!

But, today we pretend that we understand every thing, create some concepts of our own so that our ego can sustain with the concept it created, and then perform our worship. It is not worship – It is self worship. Of course there are still many worshipers in real sense. In general, persons like us who are in the worldly life perform only ‘Self Worship’ – may it be on the name of God, or may it be on the name of creation or may it be on the name of some spiritual Guru or may it be on the name of Scriptures….

All the scriptures and Gurus tried to convey the worship or spirituality in its real sense as they experienced. But we are not the same as the Gurus or those who have written the Scriptures. Hence, it is not possible for us to experience the same as experienced by Gurus. Unless we approach the teachings of Gurus and scriptures with enough openness with in us, we translate those teachings of Gurus and scriptures according to our current experience, which is mere conceptualisation. These concepts are created by us for ourselves. On the other hand such concepts are nothing but our own mind or our own consciousness. This includes the concept of our “God’, our ‘religion’, our ‘philosophy’ and so on. In other words all such concepts are we ourselves – created by our own mind, out of its content, which is our ego and hence a completely illusionary entity.

Hence, worshiping any God, any Concept, any religion created by our own mind – may it be told by some Gurus, or may it be told by some scriptures, is nothing but worshiping ourselves – worshiping our own ego which is ‘Self Worship’. But the real meaning of ‘worship’ must be altogether different as explained above.

With this ‘self worship’ we cannot have devotion, because we are submitting ourselves to our own ego. The devotion we feel during the time our worship is towards our own ego, or an entity created by our ego. Almost every one is indulged by this ‘Self worship’. Are we achieving some thing with this ‘Self worship’? Surely, we must be achieving ‘something’ with it. Otherwise, every one cannot be indulged by it. But the worthiness of that ‘something’ may be questionable. It is certain that no body else will worship our ego other than ourselves. Even some perverted minds do that human worship or worshiping other person’s ego, it is obviously for personal outwardly gains and it is heartening to see that even more perverted minds are enjoying such human worships.

In general, our ego will not be worshiped by anybody else and hence the ego worships itself is to gain momentum for its own growth. Probably, this momentum is what our ego gets out of ‘self worship’ and this momentum may have enough worth for our ego. But, as long as the ego is there, suffering is inevitable and the momentum of ego is nothing but the momentum of our suffering.

Coming back to the surface of this problem, from the happening around us, self worship is now dominating every where. On one side people are creating abstract concepts and then worshiping those concepts – the concepts are either created by themselves or by others, and on the other side people are indulged in ‘plain vanilla’ type or simple worldly ‘self worship’ or ‘ego worship’. It may be the outcome of mere economic independence combined with lack of ‘real’ education. It is due to the lack of understanding of the relationships we have with others including the environment in which we live. When the need of physical survival is achieved, due to our inherent nature, due to the struggle the mankind had until few decades/centuries ago for survival, we are in constant search of activity. And due to our self enclosed psychological structure, probably we are unable to direct those activities towards other than ourselves. Hence, we start building comfort and luxury around us rather than directing our energy inwardly. Possibly the inward momentum might not have built into our structure. It is we ourselves to understand the worthiness/unworthiness of outward momentum and then decide to turn inward or not. If we happen to turn inwardly, the real life may be waiting for us there. If we decide not to turn, like the way we are living now- like the way our parents and grand parents lived, we may live for few more years/decades and then for sure die away, with out tasting the real life – may be a wasted opportunity

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We all, with out exception, are greedy. It is the way we are created. It does not mean we have to live with greed. We can leave behind the greed and carry forward our life. But it may not be easy to do so. At least, we can try to understand that we are greedy and accept this fact. Possibly, this acceptance may change the way we are living, even if it is not eliminating the greed within us.

In reality none of us, may be with very few exceptions, never accept that we are greedy, but can easily point out that others are greedy. This lack of acceptance of our quality of greed may be the cause of many problems we face on daily basis. The realisation that we are greedy may be helpful to nullify at least few of our problems.

We do not like to label ourselves as greedy. Because, greed is a socially negative attribute. Hence instead of getting ride of greed from us, which is almost an impossible task, we create justifications for our greed. With this justification, what we have is not greed according to us, it is just the way of life and finally we are totally insensitive to greed itself. Now the realisation that ‘we are greedy’ itself is an enormous task, let alone the task of eliminating greed from us.

It is very important to have the knowledge of ‘what we are’, before understanding our own greediness. In other words, self knowledge is the key to understand our attribute of greediness, like understanding any other attribute. With out knowing our structure, it can not be possible to find certain aspiration of ours is greedy or not. For example, a person who is having in-built capability to understand finance can get into stock market and earn that person’s living, and more. For that person, being (playing) in stock market is not a result of greed, because there is where that person’s basic capability is present. But for a person, who is not capable of managing even the basic finances cannot have the capability for being in stock market. If such a person, enter into stock market with an idea of earning more money is clear indication of greed. It does not mean the second person is incapable. That person must be capable of some thing else. That person has to put all the effort in the field which he/she is capable by nature. Here is the importance of self knowledge, to understand our basic nature, our capability and incapability, with out any feeling of inferiority or superiority.

The prevailing education systems are not providing any education with respect to self knowledge. Usually, neither we are also concerned with self knowledge. If and only if we are bored with all the entertainments and amusements, we may start questioning our life. Even in such cases, the possibilities are that we may find another amusement with God, religion, rituals etc. Hence the possibility of we going into the realm of self knowledge is very, very remote.

Again back to greed, are we really in a profession in which we are really so involved due to our own nature? According to me, in most of the cases, the answer may be a big NO – as usual with few exceptions! Most of us may be here, where we are now, due to the opportunities available, various forces acting upon us from all our close relations, and then our own violent forcing towards the field in which we are now. Very few of us might have reached this stage where we are now, due to natural inclination. But every one has to survive economically also and hence we need to have some profession and the one in which we are right now is fine with respect to that economical sense. But, it becomes greedy and violent, when we do not understand this fact with respect to our natural tendency towards our profession and we strive to outperform/outsmart all our peers. This is the starting point of greed, which in turn induce violence in profession, and all other related problems and hence sufferings. Same is the case for almost all activities in our life.

Self knowledge is the only key which can make us to understand greed within us and hence free us from all sufferings originating from greed. We may submit the problems and sufferings to God and forget them for some time. But without self knowledge, the problems and suffering are still there and hence they will come to the surface again. By considering our nature, quest to have self knowledge may itself be greedy. But by understanding this particular greed, put forward some effort on gaining self knowledge may be worthy, if we can do that without any additional suffering! – The understanding is to avoid suffering in search of self knowledge.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Self Esteem

An attribute, probably most talked about by self-help gurus and psychologists in the profession of counselling. Self esteem may be required for certain persons at certain mind set. It can be used as an antidote for self induced suffering. But, it may be a problem when we always live with the antidote. In such case, we may have to identify the cause of requirement for antidote and hence eliminate the cause itself for a reasonable life.

When we live with self esteem, it completely takes away the quality of humbleness. Humbleness is not the feeling of low. On the other hand, it is the attribute which makes us learners. Humbleness is one of the basic attributes require for us to experience the life. Without humbleness, we can not be active ‘listeners’ – listeners in the real sense.

As the name suggest, Self Esteem support the growth of ‘self’ or ‘ego’ or ‘I-centeredness’. The growth of ego is nothing but identifying or attaching ourselves with more qualities. More qualities, means we have more relationships. We are already having a complex web of relationships within us and this is the addition to that web of relationship. When we have more relationships, we have more to manage for our day-to-day life. Already we are deep in our relations – due to our insensitivity we are unaware of most of the things we are related with, these additional relations are new burden for us and with in no time we will be insensitive to these new relations also. For sure, we are adding to our problems and hence suffering.

Self Esteem may be advocated for suppressing the feeling of lowness. If we like not to enter into the trap of self esteem, we need to understand why we are entering into the feeling of lowness. And if we never feel low within ourselves, there is no question of self esteem.

Feeling low is the result of comparison of ‘what we are’ with ‘what we should be’. What ‘we should be’ may be a concept of ideal or a particular attribute of another person. Obviously, if one is making such comparison there can not be any other alternative other than feeling low. An ideal is always ideal, even though the ideal is another living person. One can never reach an ideal. It does not mean one should never look beyond the present state of oneself. The life itself is looking beyond what we are today. If we end our experiencing with what we are today, there will be no more life. At this stage we are dead. But this looking beyond is very much different from looking for an ideal and the desire to become that ideal. If we are sensitive enough to ourselves, we have sufficient intelligence to look beyond! – No ideal required.

The bitter reality is that no one out there to educate us on these aspects. If we want to live the life to the fullest of possibilities, we should start studying our own life and understand our own life. On this regard, we are alone in this world; for each one of us is unique creation. No body else can help us in this regard as the reality for them may be entirely different from that of each one of us.

As much as we pursue self esteem, so much the feeling of lowness gain ground deep with in us. In other words, at conscious level we feel great with our own effort, but at deeper level, we may be sinking with out any effort. The antidote may be eating away our life itself – the precious, short life! Understanding must be the only way out! What to understand? None other than ourselves - The qualities that keeps us alive, the influences of external world on ourselves, the influence of our relationships over us, The influence of our own evolution over us that is not even under our control, the beliefs and concepts we ourselves created to support the existence our ego, and so on. Such an understanding can only make us to see ‘what is’ rather than striving for ‘what should be’. Such an understanding is the seeing of truth or reality.

This understanding is the only possibility to remove the cause of ‘feeling lowness’ so that we can be free from the antidote of ‘Self Esteem’ and hence being with humbleness. Such humbleness makes as active learners – the learners of life from moment to moment.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Terror and Violence are so common now days and we talk about peace on next few days, whenever such violence strikes any part of world and it may be few more days, depend on the number of dead innocent people. We can not stop such violent activities until the time more of the common population have peace with in them. The term ‘more of the common population’ indicates here as a minimum number of people in a society, if all of them initiate certain change with in themselves as individuals so that the effect can be perceived on the society. In other words, it is minimum number of individual minds required to adapt a change so that the ripple effect can be perceived on the ‘Social Mind’

In my opinion we, almost every one of us, cannot say we are living peacefully – may be with very, very few exceptions. When we ourselves, the constituent of our own society, are not peaceful, can we except the society to be peaceful? If we do except, it is a clear indication of some thing seriously wrong with us.

If such question arises we may go into a defensive mode and define yardstick for measuring peace and violence. May be, the outcome shall be that if it is physical damage or loss of life, it is violence or terror activity, if not it is peace. If we happen to have such yardstick, we are just fooling ourselves. Whatever we talk about peace in society or peace in country are just for our time pass or just to prove our intellect.

For any person involving in any terror activities- not the one involving in such activities for money or similar personal gain, is doing such activity with the belief that it is the noblest activity of his life. The key point is the “belief”. The belief drives such persons into to mad state of mind. It is the strong ‘belief’ which is the reason for all violence and terror in societies. It is certain that we are all also strong believers of certain beliefs. The only difference is that the belief of them (so called terrorist) is directed to certain direction and that of us are directed to some other direction. But essentially both are same – both are source of violence. In fact, the violence with in us, the common people, is the reason for the change in direction of violence with in so called terrorists. This is not to justify the activities of terrorists or against the punishment awarded by law of court to such terrorists. Such law is indisputably required to maintain certain order of society.

But every one of us is responsible for such terror activities. We are full of violence with in us – probably unable to perceive by us due to the fact that it has become our way of life. We are nurturing such violence and terror within our children – do any thing to score in the academics, like killing their simple joy on playing, killing the evolution of their mind, killing their passions on certain field and so on. Every one of us is doing this with out exception - in most cases unknowingly and in some of the cases by imposing our own desire over the children.

How to change the violence and terror in society? As indicated earlier certain part of the society has to become violence free with in them as individuals and that will have ripple effect on the ‘social mind’ so that the violence within the society slowly disappears – probably over a period of many, many generations.

The hard fact is that we are not willing to make such changes within us. Or we are unable to recognise the field of violence within us, to initiate such change. Certainly it needs some effort from us. We need to look into our beliefs – any thing we are taking as granted with out even understanding it as our belief. The term ‘understanding’ does not mean a conceptual understanding - it means the strong perception within us with out any need to have some concepts or assumptions to prove it. Again it is not a belief that we think as we perceive! It is our being. For sure, one needs to observe oneself extensively. And understanding this is slightly complex due to the way our mind act.

Only by observing our mind by our own mind, a revelation of the content of our mind may be possible. That is the only possibility available to study or analysis ourselves. In other words the mind as observer, observe the same mind as observed. In other words, the observer and observed are same. When the observer and observed are the same, the observer needs a great deal of honesty to observe him/herself. The observer should have enough openness to see the fact when it observes itself. When such openness is not there, for sure, the observer sees only a biased opinion about the observer – the observed. This is the reason that we are fare away from truth.

For perceiving the violence within us, we need to be aware of the fact that the observer and observed are same and the problems associated with such observation. When we are observing somebody else, we can clearly indicate the problem. That is the reason we are able to identify violence with the so called terrorists. But when we are observing ourselves, being the observer and observed are same, not able to cognize the truth. The very understanding that self observation is the observation of our mind about its own existence, the mind may throw out some of the yardsticks created by it and start observing itself. Such observation may start revealing truth. As the yardstick is created by our own mind, is based on its own functioning, any amount of measurement with that yardstick can not revel any mistake in the measurement. This is because the yardsticks are created by our own mind with its content as reference.

Such an observation without any yardstick can possibly make us to understand that we are also violent in our effort to earn wealth, status, position, security of ego and such numerous factors. When we are violently suppressing our peers on our quest to earn a position in the organisation we are working, we call it normal. When somebody else violently performing some action to uphold their belief or fight back against the suppression, we call it terrorism. Is it not double standard? This is not to support the action of terrorism, but to identify that the root of terrorism is also with in each one of us.

We just want the so called terrorists to change, being ourselves as well terrorists – in the sense of violence within us. It is nothing but violence towards others (or towards so called terrorists) by us. We just want to talk about violence, terrorism, etc. We really do not want to eliminate terrorism. It is the real fact! For understanding this fact, we need to really look into ourselves – our own ego!

And one word of caution! Understanding all our problems with in as does not mean losing of our ‘self esteem’. In fact ‘self esteem’ it self is an escape from ‘what we are’, and possibly in some cases indulges violence.