Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We are made up of relationship. With out relation, we are not. Our entire mind must be of a web of complex relationships – relationship with our parents, spouse, children, friends, society, culture, other living things, earth, sky and every thing else in the creation which we are capable of perceiving. This relationship and reaction of relationships constitute all the layers of our mind. If the relationships do not exist, the mind is not and hence we are not; for that the psychological ‘we’ are just our mind.

In our very close human relationships, in general, we understand the relationships very well and if we really have proper understanding of that relationship, there is no problem in our life with respect to that relation ship. If we analyse our problems, it is certain that the problems are due to misunderstanding of certain relationship in our life. Does it translate to that if we understand all our relationships which make our existence, there will be no more problems in our life?

Will it be possible? – Possible to understand all our relation ships? It must be possible! But for that we need to recognise this fact that we are made up of relationship. This recognition may be possible if we can observe the content of us – the content of our mind to the extent possible for us. Once we start observing our mind, the relationships which we are made of may start revealing itself.

We are always aware about very obvious relationships which we are psychologically dependent – like parents, spouse, children, brother, sister, and friends and so on. We may recognise the relationships with street vendors, shop keeper, government employees, etc when we need their services. We recognise our relation with society and culture when some body provoke with respect to these aspects. More than that, in general, very rarely we perceive any relationships with any thing else in this world – except probably our relationship with God, with out even understanding what is God!

Do we really understand the nature of these relationships? If we do, our life must be altogether a different one, for sure! It may not be possible for anyone else to make us understand our relationships. Even though the relationships are common, the way we have our relationships are unique. No body else can understand our relationships and correct us. Hence it is we to understand our own relationships with every body and every thing.

When we understand the relationship very well, naturally we will deeply respect that relationship – the relation with whatever it may be. Unless we understand our relationship with our parent or children, we cannot respect that relationship. Unless we respect that relationship, we cannot respect them as individuals. When we are not respecting them, our action towards them will naturally be violent. When we are violent towards others, the remainder is just problems – problems in our own life!
If we go a little bit more, we are related with this cosmos and this earth. Unless we understand this relationship, we cannot understand how this earth is supporting our own life and our significance on the earth. If we happen to establish that understanding, we will be altogether a different person. We start deeply respecting the relationship between us and the earth. The relationship brings in deep gratitude towards the earth. This gratitude and showing off the gratitude will no more a formality or rituals. It will be becoming the core of our being, due to the very understanding of our relationships. Unfortunately we are going in the reverse direction and due to lack of understanding we are locked at the beginning itself. It is about the rituals we perform regularly. The rituals are to understand our life and living in its real sense. Unfortunately we stop at performing the rituals. The rituals are meaningless, if it is not taking us to the understanding it is intended for. Once we have that understanding rituals are no more necessary.

When we understand our relationship with our food, the limitless destruction of possibilities of life in each and every seed we consume for our food on daily basis, we can not but respect our relationship with our food and more importantly we cannot over consume or waste any food and with this many of our problems might have already solved. When we have such deep understanding and respect to this relation can we do any harm to anybody or any thing? – including our own earth. If we are not harming anybody or anything, there will be no conflicts with anybody and anything. When this happens, the life we live will be a heaven!

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