Thursday, November 26, 2009

Significance of Living

This may be a very common question for any one started looking inwardly. I have absolutely no knowledge to answer this question. However, like to put forward my views. It may or may not have any real meaning.

It may be a meaningless question, yet we have to have some convincing answers for this question to carry on our life. If we come up with a negative answer, the questioners may convince themselves to end their life also. There were instances of mass suicides on the name of spirituality or other reasons referred as cult suicides. Refer this link for some info about cult suicides - This might be due to the negative answer they could drive for similar questions. That could be the reason for so many belief systems across the world, including the religions – to derive any significance to the life. Belief is the easy way to find an illusionary significance for our life – Then we are going into the realm of irrationality. We may create our God and make the goal of our life as seeing the God. We may create the concept of Atman and make the goal of life as understanding the Atman. We may create the rituals and make the goal of our life as performing these rituals. We may create the concept of heaven and set our goal as reaching heaven.

What is living? Not the living of human being alone – Living for everything in the existence including animate and inanimate objects. We may define living thing as a group of material, with harmonious interaction with each other so that an energy field is created with in that group. Any material body have to have this energy field to keep its shape and property. This energy field may have fundamental relation with the existence itself. The whole existence may be one living thing, which may be referred as GOD. Each galaxy in the universe may be a set of living thing within the first one. Each star system may be living things with in the galaxies. Each planet may be living thing within the star system. Each stone, tree, animal, human are living things within the planet earth. The bacteria and other microorganisms may be another set of living things within us and other animate living beings on earth. The molecules and atoms may be living thing in the micro level. And subatomic particles may be living things at still lower level.

If we can consider this definition, our life has the same significance of existence itself! And an animal, stone, and atoms have the same significance for their existence as that of ours. Hence, when the existence destroys itself, it will destroy us also. Since there is no specific significance for our life, we may decide to end our life; there is no significance for that act also. Our body and energy will still be a part of this existence only. In the solar system, earth provides the proper condition for animate living things to evolve. We are aware that there are billions of star systems within this universe like solar system. Hence it may be possible in some other star systems to have condition for evolution of animate living things. Then what is the significance of our life? There may not be any significance for our life with respect to the whole existence other then the significance of existence itself.

If we look it from another angle, in the whole of infinite (with respect to our perception) existence, we are the only being with the power of thought and power of perception beyond sensual perceptions. We are the only being, using the power of thought and perception can understand and wonder the vastness of existence. We are the only being, with the power of thought and perception can live in never ending joy. Is it not a significance of our life? Why do we suffer in such a significant life? Why do we need to end such a significant life? If we are not living such a joyous life due to the ignorance of ourselves, does it erode such a significance attached with human life? Every moments of our life should be a celebration, for having such a significant life.

Now, we are a group of material on which the energy field operates. At this level, the significance of our life may be to establish the fundamental relation between the energy field which is our life and the existence itself, with the power of our thoughts, perceptions, and intelligence. In the existence, each and every particle is in support of existence itself. Hence the significance of our living also may lies on supporting this existence.

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