Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Relation with Nature

I think there is a fundamental conflict in this heading itself! We ourselves are also nature or a part of nature. The heading suggests that we are different from nature and hence establishing a relationship between us and nature. But the way we are living now, we separated ourselves from nature and started believing as separate entities and hence distanced ourselves from nature. As a consequence of this, we started destroying the nature with out knowing that we are destroying ourselves.

Since we are already distanced ourselves from nature, we need to establish the relation with it again. Otherwise the nature will be completely destroyed by us with out our knowledge. On the other hand, we will be completely destroyed by ourselves as we ourselves are nature or part of nature.

We are just a group of material which stays together in harmony and hence have an energy filed within it. This energy field, then sustain the harmony and hence the togetherness of this group of material. If this statement is valid, death may be considered as the weakness of this energy which is no more sufficient to keep this heap of material together in harmony. In this complex structure evolved from nature, there is a control center called brain and the processing of this brain is expressed as mind. The energy field with the brain might have given the intelligence to us. We must have got this intelligence to support the evolution process of nature. Unfortunately, instead of freeing ourselves using this intelligence from the struggle of evolution process, we are bonded with the struggle of evolution process and hence not allowing the required space for the intelligence to function.

In the process of evolution, till the time we were not having the function of thoughts and such a limitless memory (thoughts evolve out of what is there in the memory), the only functions we were doing were survival and procreation – to sustain evolution. There were no ego and hence no struggle to sustain ego. And hence there is no separation of us from nature. Once we got the thinking power, with the power of thought we were able to protect ourselves from other animals and then from the cycles of nature itself – Still we were without any ego and hence been with nature.

At certain point, due to the difference in capabilities and strengths, the concept of ownership might have been developed. This must have been the starting point of psychological entities like possession, attachment, desire and so on. With these psychological entities, the ego is already formed with in humans. Once the ego is there, then the question of sustaining it arises and we are at what we are now!

The above discussion might be a story. But if we observe ourselves closely enough, we can see the possibility of above story might had been the reality.

If we closely observe the nature of earth, everything exist here is in support of something else. Any living thing in this earth consumes something else and gives out another thing, which is required to sustain some other part of earth. That is, nothing in this nature is going waste. Nature has everything to sustain all available life forms in this earth. If there is anything excess in this nature, even any life forms including human species, by its own nature, bring in control of that excess item. If we observe closely enough, we can clearly perceive this from the historical events and the events happening now. On the other hand, everything in this nature is closely related with each other – with anything else in the nature.

Are we really aware of this fact? If so, we will not consume anything more than required from nature, which will bring in an imbalance in the nature itself. If we are really aware, we will not be doing anything which destroys the condition required for other living beings. If we are really aware, we will never waste any natural resources.

The fact is that, we do not have such awareness! We are over consuming. Not really consuming, but wasting! And the real fact is that we are killing ourselves and destroying conditions required for the future generations to survive due to this lack of perception.

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