Saturday, August 22, 2009


When we are disguised with the disorders in society and when we want the society to be in a different order, naturally conflicts arises within us due to the mismatch between actuality in the world and the way we like the world should be. Due to this conflict, which actually happens within us, we suffer and hence as an escape from this suffering, we set moral values for ourselves and adhere to these moral values. We start believing that the moral values shall bring order into the world. We not only believe and adhere the moral values we conceive, but also propagate it and want others to adhere these moral values, hence creating new set of conflicts between relations. The new conflicts with our relations due to our moral values bring disorder in the world, which is our relation to the existence.

Morality is a set of rules we set ourselves for us due to the fact of seeing disorder in the world. Each one view the world distinctly and hence their want of order in the world is also distinct. This translates to the fact that the conflicts within each one are distinct and hence the set of moral values are also distinct. Now, each one tries to enforce their set of moral values to the one around them which may create chaos in the social set up. Due to the way we live our life, there are many chaos within and around us and we do not have any sensitivity to perceive the additional chaos created by our moral standards.

When we look into the above discussion, on the outer view, it may looks like a senseless discussion as we are taught and made believe that everyone in the society should have moral values to have a right way of life. But if we see more deeply in the requirement of moral values, we can clearly understand that our moral values are due to the conflicts within us and our incapability to live the life. When we find conflicts within ourselves and incapable of living our life, as an escape from the conflicts we catch hold of our moral values.

There should be another way of living where there is not any need for moral values, yet we can live a harmonious life with nature and society. This is because, the life with moral values are leading us to a strained relation with society as well as different segment of our thoughts itself and hence a life of conflicts. The new way of life is possible only when we bring in necessary changes within us. The basic changes which free ourselves from the bondages we have in our life - The bindings discussed all along in this blog and more. When we are free from all bindings, there will not be any conflicts in our life and in our relation with the society. When there is no conflicts exist within us, there is no requirement of any escape and hence moral values. When we are free from all illusions, the mind is free from its projection and the mind is having enough space for the intelligence and perception, our intelligence shall work at its peak. With this intelligence, our perception will be very clear and the action arises out of this perception shall be the right action for the situation at the time of action. At this level of intelligence and perception, we do not need any moral values to guide us in this life.

When we are at such a pure level of action, we shall not beg for any change in the world and environment around us, but act for what is required for us, the world and the environment yet with complete freedom from the world and environment.


Deepak said...

Any particular reason you chose this topic now? Should I read between lines? :)

Change said...


There is no specific reason for this topic. The text for this topic was ready to publish in this blog few days ago, before I saw your blog and commented it. And to be frank, I was not even thought about this topic while commenting your blog post. Hence I think, it may not be required to read between the lines!


Deepak said...

No probs. I was just joking anyway!
But good post again!