Tuesday, December 30, 2008


When we talk about the evolution of human race, normally we talk about just the previous version of human – The monkey. To talk about evolution of human race, we must talk about how the first living being might have come in to existence.

Nature has a great affinity towards evolution. In the macro level from mass less particles and energy the whole massive universe was evolved. Until this point, the evolution was macro level, the evolution in the cosmic level. From this point the evolution is in the micro level, with in earth. We do not aware of any other micro level evolution that was happened other than in earth. Here after, for our study of evolution of life, we just concentrate only on earth. After about one billion years of formation of earth, the first living being, the single cell living being evolved in earth, according to the theories of evolution based on scientific study.. The single cell living organism evolved in earth about 3 to 4 billion years ago, out of matter available in earth. Almost one to two billion years, it was only single cell living beings in this world.

So, the evolution is a natural process. Any thing and every thing have the greatest affinity to evolve from its current state. About a billion years ago, out of its urge to evolve, multi cell organisms evolved in earth from the single cell beings. We should appreciate the fact that the single cell living beings struggled for about two billion years with their urge to evolve in to multi cell beings. From their, the evolution is pretty fast and with in a billion years, the multi cell form to human form has been evolved. Various sources in internet indicate the age of human form is some where between 100,000 years and 200,000 years. Out of this the culture evolved some where between 10,000 years and 20,000 years ago. From this data, we may be able to appreciate the fact that the age of human culture is just a small fraction compared to the time range of creation. We may be further able to appreciate the fact that the speed of evolution of human intellect at present time is much, much faster than any time before in the evolution of beings from the time of creation. It indicates that we are in a stage where we have enormous responsibility, never before, to evolve further. If we are missing that opportunity, we are doing an unforgivable crime against the natural urge of evolution, the creation, the creator – The GOD and the future generation. We must understand this and need to put forward our best effort to evolve further. In other words, we need to put forward our best effort to have a much evolved future generations. Otherwise the future generation shall charge as for not using the enormous opportunity available in front of us.

With this discussion, we have a fair idea about creation, the complexities in the forces acting between trillions of cosmic objects, possibility of living being in some other star system with in the cosmos, the process of evolution of human race and the present state of our intellect. Hope the reader will be able to appreciate the fact that the world was not created by any body on a single day or in fact not created by any body at all. Also no body has prepared on a single day, a heap of chemicals, given some energy to that heap of chemical, and named it as human being. It happened by evolution over a period of four billion years with the natural urge with in the creation it self.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Creation According to Science:

Creation is the conversion of particles with or with out out mass into one or more massive particles. In physics mass less elementary particles are called Bosons and massive elementary particles are called Fermions. Hence creation is the conversion of two or more Bosons into Fermions.

Because of momentum conservation laws, the creation of a pair of fermions (matter particles) out of a single photon or Boson cannot occur. However, matter creation is allowed by momentum conservation law when in the presence of another particle (it may be another photon or other boson, or even a fermion) which can share photon's momentum. Thus, matter can be created out of two photons, for example (this is the process inverse to annihilation).

The law of energy conservation sets a minimum photon energy required for creation of a pair of fermions: this threshold energy must be greater than the total rest energy of the fermions created. To create an electron-positron pair the total energy of the photons must be at least 2mec2 = 2×0.511 MeV = 1.022 MeV (me is the mass of one electron and c is the speed of light in vacuum), an energy value that corresponds to soft gamma ray photons. The creation of a much more massive pair, like a proton and antiproton, requires photons with energy of more than 1.88 GeV (hard gamma ray photons).

Before creation, it must have been just vast empty space filled with enormos energy and massless particles Bosons. Out of the energy explosion, the massless elmentary particles combined togeter to form particles with mass - the Fermion and from there, protons, electrons, neurtrons, atoms and so on. From this the macro Universe! This is the science behind Creation - The complete logic of Creation.


A galaxy is a massive, gravitationally bound system consisting of stars, an interstellar medium of gas and dust, and dark matter. The name is from the Greek root galaxias meaning "milky," a reference to the Milky Way galaxy. Typical galaxies range from dwarfs with as few as ten million (10^7) stars up to giants with one trillion (10^12) stars, all orbiting a common center of mass. Galaxies can also contain many multiple star systems, star clusters, and various interstellar clouds. The Sun is one of the stars in the Milky Way galaxy; the Solar System includes the Earth and all the other objects that orbit the Sun.

There are probably more than 100 billion (10^11) galaxies in the observable universe.Most galaxies are 1,000 to 100,000 parsecs in diameter and are usually separated by distances on the order of millions of parsecs (or megaparsecs).Intergalactic space (the space between galaxies) is filled with a tenuous gas of an average density less than one atom per cubic meter. The majority of galaxies are organized into a hierarchy of associations called clusters, which, in turn, can form larger groups called superclusters. These larger structures are generally arranged into sheets and filaments, which surround immense voids in the universe.

The parsec ("parallax of one arcsecond", symbol pc) is a unit of length, equal to just over 30 trillion kilometres

With the introduction of above two facts as per science, let us prepare ourselves for self analysis. With the number of stars (like sun) exceed billions of trillions in this universe, there are possibly many cosmic objects like earth, and where there are possibly some intelligent beings somewhere in any of the star system. The basic requirement for those intelligent beings may be entirely different than that of human being (earth, space, air, water, fire) hence they (If present) may be with or with out shape. If they are present somewhere, they are independent of us, and we are independent of them. Just keep this point at the corner of your mind.

The billions of trillions stars are tied together with a common force and moving around the center of mass of the whole system at one level and the center of mass of sub systems (at multiple levels in an orderly manner) Probably the number of available stars may give you an overall idea about the infinite nature of space and the energy bind the matter. And the orderly motion of these celestial objects gives an idea about how the central force is acting on those objects such a way that each one got their own momentum and energy, and with that they are bonded with each other as well as repelling each other to maintain an overall order.

At this point, I would like to remind you that with so much of complex forces acting on each celestial object by nature, they are able to maintain the rhythm. If that is the case, we, the minute objects living in a minute celestial object (earth) can very well live with a rhythm and maintain our nature (happiness). Or by nature we must be happy objects in this earth.

Let us view it over another angle. All the galaxies are moving around a center point, which is the center of the whole energies of all galaxies, assuming all galaxies are moving around a center point. If that is not the case (not revolving round a center point), all galaxies are moving towards a point or away from a point. It is an established fact that all galaxies are moving at a very high speed. We may take the point towards/from, which those galaxies are moving as the center of energy of the whole system. Then all the stars in a galaxy are moving around a point, which is the point of origin of the energy of each galaxy system. Below that, there are multiple star systems, where the centers of those stars are the energy center of those individual star systems. And so on. This concept can be brought down to the smallest object in the universe - applicable to any living being and we humans, and mass less elementary particles Bosons as well as massive elementary particles Fermions.

The established sciences in earth are limited to exposed knowledge of the intelligent beings in earth. The exposed knowledge of this intelligent being (human) may or may not be near to understand the law of creation. I read somewhere that the living legend of physics, Mr. Stephen Hawking is very near to establish a formula to explain the creation. In other words, he is near to explain the God, the creator by means of a formula.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Self Analysis

Performing a true self analysis may be the most difficult yet most important activity for any body. We know that we already have certain image of ourselves. Before self analysis, we need to understand that the image we have about ourselves is not useful for the self analysis. This is because, this image has very few attributes of ours based on how we think about ourselves. While doing self analysis, we need to shatter all these images built by ourselves to get a reasonable out come.

To perform a self analysis, we need to understand the constitution of our body to the extent possible for us. Understanding our constitution doesn’t mean about understanding our mental projection about ourselves or understanding based on some scriptures and philosophy. It may be very difficult to put in words about what it means here. It is not about believing some thing (probably one assumption) and derives the rest of the understanding based on that belief. This understanding is about what could be the real constituent of ourselves based on the possibilities to the extent we can go down.

Here is the constitution of human being as I can understand. It is the possibility I am seeing about the constitution of human being. It may not be acceptable to you and it is not necessary for you to accept this. But derive the possibility based on your understanding, with out introducing your belief (or conditioning of mind) in to it. That will be the constitution of human being as per you and the rest of the self analysis can be done based on your derivation. But mind that, to get a reasonable self analysis, one must be true with the understanding of himself.

We are a heap of chemicals bonded together with the help of some energy. The heap of chemicals is our body. Our body will retain the shape and perform the functions as it performing now as long as the energy is sufficient to perform this action or the constitution of chemicals is good enough to hold the energy with in it. If the body is not capable of holding that energy or when the energy is not sufficient to hold the body, the body disintegrates into other chemicals and this is called Death.

Each one of us has certain amount of chemicals, which may vary from person to person. The proportion of this chemicals, degeneration, and regeneration of these chemicals are controlled by complex mechanisms with in the body. These mechanisms it self are chemical reactions, thru which the energy is generated for controlling the body and maintaining the control system of the body.

We also have Mind. Mind is basically the outward projection of Brain. The brain is the central control system of our body. It receives energy by means of chemical reaction/electrical energy from the sense objects of our body, store the information with in the brain by means of neuron connections with in brain, locate the similar category of information with in the brain, then compare the data received at the moment with past data, and store the result with in the brain. Along with storing the data, it generates thoughts which are the out come of activity of the brain. These thoughts activate other parts of the brain and the brain send the control signals back to the body organs as required. Some of these thoughts happen in conscious level, some of them in subconscious level and some in unconscious level. Some of the psychologists even accept one more deeper level of mind called collective unconscious mind, where the information we inherited from all our ancestors (probably from the single cell living being until the previous generation – over a period of 3 billion years) are stored in it. On the other hand, the collective unconscious mind is the storage repository of evolution. The following is one of the links available in net, where you can find some information about unconscious mind and collective unconscious mind:

If you look into the type of thoughts, it may be classified into two types. One is active thought and another is reactive thought. When we do certain task, the thought guide the task and the body does the task according to the direction in which the thought is directing. This is active thought. We need this thought. With out this type of thought we can not perform our tasks in this world. The second type is the reactive thought. After we completed a task or part of a task, the mind compare it with many other aspects, which are not necessary for the completion of task but closely related with the task we are doing and in response to the comparison, the mind reacts and generates new thoughts.

We need active thoughts to live in this world. But the reactive thoughts are totally unnecessary and with in a normal human being more than 90% of the thoughts are reactive type. But we are unable to separate or remove the reactive thoughts from our brain functionality. Now probably we know why we are using as little as 10% of our brain capacity as claimed by those who are researching on Brain functionality. One aspect of self analysis is to understand the reactive thoughts and the implication of them with in us. Here one thing we need to keep in mind. The line which separates the active thoughts and reactive thoughts may be very, very thin. We must be careful while handling this part of self analysis.

Now the question may be who has put together the chemicals and infused the energy with in it to make the human being. To understand this we need to go little backward on creation and evolution.

We may return back to Self Analysis after discussing on evolution on another day.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Problem Analysis

It is clear that there is a need for a change with in us. The root cause for this requirement of change is that we perceive problems every where around us. In environment, politics, life style, culture, and any thing we name it, we perceive a problem there. In spite of all these problems, the universe is expanding on its defined path on the macro level and the life of animate beings and inanimate beings are happening as usual. In short, in spite of the problems perceived by almost every human beings in this earth (There may be very few exceptions), the world is evolving as usual and hence there is actually no problem in the world when seeing another dimension of the world.

Now the problem is with the world or with us? In another words, the problem is with the perceived or with the perception? It is a real problem to understand where the problem is. It is well accepted norm that we need to analyze our capabilities before venturing into any thing new so that we can fine tune our approach to get the target.

So we need to analyze our capabilities before venturing into analyzing the problem of perceived or the problem of world. No body else can analyze our capabilities. It is we alone can analyze our capabilities. Now the question is how capable are we to analyze ourselves. I doubt about our ability to perform this function with our present knowledge and awareness about ourselves. When we say self analysis, it is not just seeing a very few attributes of ourselves and project an image of ourselves out of that few attributes. Any way we already have such an image with in us. That image doesn’t help much in this problem. The self analysis indicated here means the analysis of ourselves, as deep as possible with complete awareness of what we are.

Hence I would suggest, we need to improve our ability to perform this self analysis before venturing into this one. Of course, it is a time consuming exercise. If we want to change the world as we like, we need to take our time do this exercise. No other alternative. In case we are not ready to do this self analysis, the better alternative is accept the world as it is and jumps into it. Do not complain about the happenings in the world. But we are not capable of doing that also.

I hope, now we are able to recognize a conflict with in ourselves, which is one of the causes of all our problems. We do not want to do any thing for orselves, but every thing has to fall under our feet. Another important aspect about changing the world as we wish is that we need to identify all the conflicts with in us and resolve them. We need self analysis for achieving this and before that we need to reach a state from where we can perform self analysis with reasonable ability to recognize the conflicts with in us and ability to withstand the mental turmoil as a result of understanding the conflicts with in us.

It is not that every one has to improve their ability in all departments to perform a reasonable self analysis to get a reasonable result. Some of us may be already having certain abilities with in us and others may be having certain other abilities. Our aim is to estimate the requirement of abilities to perform a reasonable self analysis and improve where ever required.

Let us discuss more on self analysis in another day