Monday, November 17, 2008


We like to start every day with so much of positive energy with in our mind and body and strive to build up this positivity.The media bring in negativity in front of us when ever we turn towards media. This conflict makes us to start the day with a thought of “The world has to be changed” and till the end of the day we struggle to change things from “what it is” to "What Should be". Now that it has become a routine we don’t even feel that urge for “change” yet it is gone deep in to our memory and metabolism, and Change is the demand on each perceivable time interval.

YES! We need Change! How to initiate that change?

This Blog is an attempt to analyse the question "How to Initiate Change?"

The intention of this blog is to discuss the change we like to have. We all know we are in need of Change. If the question is asked back to us, about the change we like to happen, we may be clueless. Yet having so much of argument capability and the urge to prove that we are not wrong, we put forward all our views to justify our demand for change. On an overview, all these ideas may seems great ideas. But the irony is we fail to recognize the practicality of those changes we demand.

This Blog is an attempt to analyse the practicality of such demand for Change!

We know there is every thing in our environment like politics, economy, life style, culture and so on are in a state that we demand Change. Is it possible to Change every thing?

The answer is Yes! It is possible to change .How to Change Single handedly every thing around us? We need to change ourselves first before demanding Change from out side. Yes! The change has to happen WITH IN us!

This Blog is an attempt to discuss the necessity of such an inward change.

I would welcome all your comments on the content of this blog as your original thought. The intention of this blog is to analyse our own problems - It is not for analysing the problem of some body else. Hence reference to some body else word, who ever it may be, is not the intention of this blog. For unavoidable necessity we may refer certain words of others, but with the back-up of original thought.